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What is what consolidate Li breast enhancement eats?
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Consolidate Li breast enhancement

Papaya: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks sex of papaya flavour pleasant is smooth, can disappear is fed be good at stomach, nourishing urge breast, it is the breast enhancement food of tradition of our country folk, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and devoid vitamin A can hamper estrogen is synthesized.

Yam: Yam has " white ginseng " beautiful praise, can be good at profit of lienal beneficial kidney, filling seed is angry, the alimentation of stimulative breast place.

Cheese pear: The not saturated fatty acid that content abounds in, can increase bosom to organize flexibility, contained vitamin A can promote a woman hormonal secrete, vitamin C can prevent bosom to be out of shape, vitamin E criterion conduce bosom development. (edit Cheng Linlin)

Medicinal food: This circulates up to now medicinal food of clear palace for use of an emperor, fokelore is imperial physician special the breast enhancement secret recipe that develops for Ci Xi.

Contemporary dietetics analysis thinks, earthnut contains red jujube of rich protein and grease; to be able to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, adjust endocrine; The root of remembranous milk vetch enrages invigorate the circulation of blood all right, 3 person the condition that collocation can make bosom dimension upgrades to your satisfaction. Practice: Earthnut 100 grams, go nuclear red jujube 100 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 20 grams, boil congee, period hind feeds 7 days repeatedly.

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