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Price of sex of method of breast enhancement popularity compares PK
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1. Hormone kind

Prophylactic of profess to convinced - Mom rich grand, king of ST the root of kudzu vine, LF. Artificial female 2 alcohol are to be able to cause risk contracting cancer

Principle: Artificial estrogen kind the estrogen inside corporeal complement body secretes inadequacy, achieve breast enhancement result

Significant proportion: Take for a long time effective

Sexual price compares: Low

Have without side-effect: Artificial female 2 alcohol are to be able to cause risk contracting cancer, get fat.

Whether to rebound: Out of service is easy rebound, partial crowd takes a tit nigrescent, melanin Shenyang chaotic is brought about.

Get used to crowd and optimal opportunity: Married have child woman

The proposal sets a means: Do not suggest to take

Manipulate simple and easy rate: Take for a long time

Had used the netizen comment of this method:   

I had eaten Mom rich grand, 19.8 yuan one, have everywhere sell. Eat 21 days, 2-3 stopping drug can come to menstruation after day, after menstruation ends, begin to take below one. I at that time is to use contraceptive to just eat, bosom was to greaten really a lot of, I am B so, c is a bit small later, but the person is a bit fatter also, blain blain it may not be a bad idea dot. Because Mom is rich,grand contains estrogen. But, any estrogen kind medicines and chemical reagents is harmful to the body, can cause the disease such as breast cancer, mom Fu Longgong manages he also admits, but it is extraction from the plant, side effect will be a few less. Nevertheless, estrogen also can control a few disease. In addition, if the body absorbs estrogen for a long time from the outside, oneself produces the ability of estrogen to be able to drop, after stopping drug, anyhow is harmful to body affirmation. I ate a paragraph to stop drug, ministry of metathorax stopping drug is rapid decrescent, menstruation is abnormal also. In restoring now.

2. Medicaments kind

Pink of natural the root of kudzu vine, the root of kudzu vine piece, green Chinese flowering quince (note: Blame capsule is packed, blame drugstore sells)

Principle: Wild the root of kudzu vine belongs to the medicine that Chinese government explicit order announces to eat amphibious and safe plant. Its infrequent plant sex estrogen -- yellow ketone of tall active different can recuperate endocrine, alimentary person effectively, balance yin and yang, coordinate internal organs of the body, rise and restore human body oneself inside the metabolizable energy force of source sex estrogen. In obtain the health protection that raise a body, prevent disease to treat a disease, the purpose that restores health while, avoided completely to take artificial synthesis estrogen, animal sex estrogen (element of the embryo that be like a deer, ovine embryo element) a variety of secondary action that estrogen of substandard source sex brings to human body.

Significant proportion: Tall, 80% .

Sexual price compares: Tall, investment 400-500 yuan. Improve somewhat to Morpheus, skin, constipation.
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