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The secret recipe of breast enhancement beautiful skin of archaic princess
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Princess of our country ancient time uses knowledge of substantial doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the hairdressing data with natural gather will hold beautiful appearance and healthy human body, those old beauty " unique skill " , it is commend of place of bound of hairdressing of China and foreign countries all the time.

Bosom massages asymmetry

Doing touch spring when butterfly is massaged, according to the theory of the five elements of yin and yang, left mammary due to " in relief " , and the mammary due to of right " shade " , our massage begins from the breast of right. Hold oneself breast in the palm with the hand above all, point to cervical direction to be pushed up gently.

The massage that becomes you arrives at a breast most on when carrying, use same way to make next breast by go up to recover from an illness to next extensive. In massage process, want the pressure with bring to bear on constant to the breast, but want stop where it should stop, do not have aching feeling. Massage a process to this, you should undertake 6 times in all. Identical to the massage program of left breast and right. What only differs is, to left mammary massage should undertake 7 times.

Handle is put in mammary lower end, stick the skin of mammary lower end, next jog it makes its perpendicular move up, if your cutaneous flexibility is enough, you can make with the hand your breast is down motion, restore former.

The breast that allows your right does such exercise 6 times, and the breast that makes you left does such exercise 7 times. Do the massage of circumferential shape finally. Put the right hand on the breast of right, make anticlockwise circular motion 8 times. Left hand also makes identical motion, but circular motion should is 9 times, clockwise.

Massage after finishing, you are OK can maintain on put on the skin and the frost protecting skin that adds flexibility, this kind of frost that protect skin should be balance of yin and yang, inside and outside holds concurrently repair.

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