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Breast enhancement of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal food
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Plump bosom is the capital that attracts the opposite sex, can turn up his nose at in the same sex more a large number of heroes. To cast off " the aircraft is current, many people not hesitate to adventure has breast enhancement remedy or become an operation. Actually, have security and Where is the method of be satisfactory to both sides of effective?

What decided bosom size

Above all, we should know why some bosom are plump, some is even. Besides genetic element, basically be endocrinopathy, estrogen is low, hormonal secrete lopsided, mammary gland cell is low to the reaction ability of estrogen and sensitivity, or of the breast only then base cellular amount is insufficient, even the normal growth that period medicaments took development to should not interrupt a breast and get traumatic wait for be caused by.

Try breast enhancement of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

By this token, adjust endocrine, raising estrogen is the one big key of breast enhancement. Guangdong visits room of hairdressing of courtyard of the 2nd traditional Chinese medical science cosmetologist Lin Xin points out, pass recuperation of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, can effective adjustment endocrine. All along of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine does not have side-effect with safety celebrated, and fare is relatively low, be chased after by popular hold in both hands.

The first action: Acupuncture breast enhancement

Acupuncture effect is very big, can reduce weight already according to different point, but breast enhancement. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns a principle, acupuncture can stimulate gland body and endocrine, command pituitary releases hormone, action at ovarian, cell of mammary gland of feedback sex activation, stimulative breast development. Also go to haemal drainage at the same time bosom, carry nutrition to mammary gland, in order to amount to breast enhancement effect. Allegedly, tian Li is proud person double peak does obeisance to the acupuncture place that division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine comes to for years to grant completely that pair.

The 2nd action: Chinese traditional medicine breast enhancement

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks kidney advocate reproductive development, female breast development is undesirable, the secondary sex characteristic is not apparent, the many empty be caused by because of liver kidney. So breast enhancement of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine applies motherland medicine principle namely, from kidney of filling liver beneficial, be good at the lienal proceed with that raise a stomach adjusts in the round airframe endocrine function, make airframe female hormonal secrete a level to increase, with promoting a breast 2 times development is achieved thereby make a breast plump, strong purpose.

From Chinese traditional medicine classification is told, breast enhancement is belonged to benefit kind of medicines and chemical reagents, together with doctor is reasonable use drug to disease according to his different situation. Reason not only breast enhancement effect quite beautiful, and still can enhance a constitution while abundant breeds, increase disease-resistant capacity, improve Morpheus, those who make is energetic, increase memory, adjust menstruation, defer menopause, defer consenescence, especially the constitution is frail and sickish person more applicable.
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