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Cheese pear breast enhancement
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Cheese pear breast enhancement

Way detailed solves: Cheese pear half, gouge pulp, 250ml of the grandma that add delicacy, walnut is right amount, agitate is hit into juice drinkable, usable honey flavors.

Effect analysis: Taiwan Qiang of desolate of the first belle often drinkable juice of pear of this kind of cheese, be obvious to all of effect of its breast enhancement. The not saturated fatty acid with the rich content in cheese pear, can increase bosom to organize flexibility; Contained vitamin A can promote a woman hormonal secrete, vitamin C can prevent bosom to be out of shape, vitamin E criterion conduce bosom development. And the protein that delicacy is suckled and contains in walnut and fat pledge body of sponge of can promotional breast expands, also have breast enhancement effect.

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