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Perfect curve drinks boiling water of delicate breast enhancement come out
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Bosom of neighbour small Yuan is plump, lumbar limb is fine be like weak willow, whole person is haughty manner of a clothes, no matter wear what dress very good-looking, your numerous cummer very envy, especially one pair before her bosom is proud person wave, let her put on a cheongsam, appear line appears in all. Allegedly, her Swiss husband is by her this pair " devil figure " those who enchant.

But, when before I remember 2 years, I and she goes to meeting place natatorium swimming, had not felt she is so plump, I feel very feel puzzled. That day, she will string together the door, by me " capture lives " .

Begin, she does not agree to death " explain " , be ashamed of a piece of face becomes pink, last in me " intimidate lure by promise of gain " below, she just discloses slowly change personally " boob " cause.

Her calm bear, oneself also are previously " princess of peace and tranquility " , for this very reluctantly " let slip " the male friend of a few water adding up to a heart.

Later, listened to a person to introduce arrange of a breast enhancement, she thinks, should survive as dead horse farrier, what just insist to drink breast enhancement boiling water two years is long, now as expected a lot of bigger.

Finally, she copied the concrete step that make me:

Material: Pigtail 2, gallinaceous foot 5, xianggu mushroom 4, red jujube 3

Course of action:

1, immerse Xianggu mushroom 1 hour first, after bubble is soft, cut two half, gallinaceous foot also is cut two half.

2, cut pigtail several, water crosses in be being put into boiling water.

3, in putting foot of pigtail, chicken, Xianggu mushroom and red jujube made of baked clay kettle together, boil with conflagration boil, after 5 minutes, move Cheng Xiaohuo, boil about 1 hour, shang Cheng.

4, join a few salt, wait for cool hind edible. Had better eat to soup expects and drink boiling water in cent of morning and evening.

Close small urge again and again: Pigtail and gallinaceous foot contain rich collagen protein, have very good breast enhancement effect.

In addition, after drinking period of time, your skin also can become white tender, be full of flexibility, suit middleaged female very much long-term edible.

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