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Method of dietotherapy of 3 kinds of breast enhancement goes out billowily
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Kyoto slightly Ms. Xu says adviser of senior beauty bosom, mammary development is in early first via coming already began namely before tide, arrived 16, when 18 years old, breast normally full-fledged already, but some people may concern because of the constitution or be social environment and affection send an element, in order to bring about the happening of a lot of problem of the breast. It is the most important that Western medicine thinks complement is adipose, but the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks this and whole body are each main and collateral channels, angry however blood be closely bound up.

Learn angle to analyse from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, fruity, breast sends the figure adequately blood of Yo criterion and internal organs of the body, main and collateral channels, gas have affinity, suffer the effect such as classics of liver, taste, kidney among them the deepest. "If oneself is angry blood is insufficient, have a lip the symptom with little quantity of blood stream of white, giddy, insomnia, classics, affirmative meeting influence grows to the body, make bosom development diseased. Same, kidney empty is insufficient, taste not bowel, stagnation of the blood of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain can bring about alimentation undesirable, if do not recuperate the body, improvement constitution, also form the line of curvilinear exquisite hard. Also form the line of curvilinear exquisite hard..

Ms. Xu expresses, female breast development is undesirable and main have the following 3 kinds:

Sluggish of blood of 1. diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain:

This kind of person belongs to hot sex constitution or be pregnant has hot habit happily, much performance is angry not steadily, easily for the mood, easy also and blue; Mammary main and collateral channels is not expedite, the breast before physiology is periodic bilges painful, postpartum lactescence also allows easy inadequacy, the breast removes nugget easily.

2. The inadequacy that enrage blood:

Because congenital constitution is frail,be more, or acquired inanition, lumbar kidney deficient empty, cause bust compressed, postpartum lactescence is insufficient.

3. Kidney essence inadequacy:

Congenital gift is insufficient, malnourished the day after tomorrow, the loss arrives kidney. Much performance is measured for premature senility, menstruation little, the waist often has the demote below acerbity keenly feel, giddy, memory.

Law of breast enhancement of 3 kinds of dietotherapy

Ms. Xu says, the daily diet it may be said that contains earthnut, dandelion root, dangshen, angelica to wait inside " benefit other people is fine breathed " , land of can different level improves woman figure, achieve fruity result. She to all " beautiful friend " recommend a few simple dietotherapy square.

1. Raise congee of gas invigorate the circulation of blood:
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