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The food of breast enhancement of seventeen kinds of conduce
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Liver of yam green young chicken

Word of nutrient division confidential: The filling Xu Jia that yam is praise highly of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is tasted, contain a lot ofsticky albumen, have be good at the action that profit of lienal beneficial kidney, filling seed enrages; Gallinaceous liver contains a lot ofA of iron of blood red element, zinc, copper, vitamin and vitamin B a group of things with common features, be helpful for the synthesis of estrogen not only, still be the first selection food that enrich the blood; Asparagus lettuce is traditional breast enhancement vegetable. 3 person operable, have take good care of sb to enrage hematic action, the nutrition that can advance mammary position is supplied, still can improve cutaneous moist feeling and colour and lustre.

Raw material: Liver of yam, Qing Sun, chicken

Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, soup-stock, amylaceous

Practice: 1, flay of yam, green bamboo shoot, abluent, cut. Gallinaceous liver is abluent, section is stand-by.

2, all raw material uses boiling water scald respectively.

3, bottom oil is put inside boiler, add right amount soup-stock, raw material issues after flavorring, break up fry several times, after ticking off Gorgon euryale, become namely.

  Lotus seed of papaya red jujube

Word of nutrient division confidential: Papaya is the food of traditional breast enhancement of our country folk, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and devoid vitamin A can hamper estrogen is synthesized. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks sex of papaya flavour pleasant is smooth, can disappear is fed be good at stomach, nourishing urge breast, to indigestion person also have dietotherapy effect. Papaya can match milk edible, also can use the dish that make or congee to feed. Red jujube is to adjust endocrine, enrich the blood raise colour traditional food; Red jujube deserves to go up lotus seed, still have the effect of gas of beneficial of regulate the menstrual function, nourishing body.

GOOD urge again and again: Papaya is cortical viridescence, inside flesh orange is red, smell is sweet, suit all females love the United States. When making this sweetmeats, the female of afraid weight can be joined " Yuan Zhen candy " wait to flavor without agent of sweet taste of quantity of heat, emaciated female can join a bee to flavor.

Raw material: Papaya, red jujube, lotus seed

Condiment: Honey, rock candy

Practice: 1, red jujube, lotus seed adds right amount rock candy, thoroughly cook stand-by.

2, go to papaya sliver seed, put red jujube, lotus seed, honey, basket evaporate is appeared on can.

Rice of walnut loose Ren Su

Word of nutrient division confidential: Walnut and Song Ren are classical nourishing food, they contain a lot ofvitamin E and zinc, be helpful for deferring mammary consenescence, vitamin of in addition protein, mineral, B a group of things with common features is very rich also, still be hairdressing beautifies hair the beautiful of embellish skin is tasted. More essential is, walnut and Song Ren are the superior origin of flax acid, this is recently composition of faddish health care of be good at bosom, have function of complex of exciting female hormone. Corn itself contains a lot ofvitamin E, also be the food of be good at bosom of expert praise highly.
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