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Provide fruit of breast enhancement thin waist to eat thin neither most by accid
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Provide fruit of breast enhancement thin waist to eat thin neither most by accident. You look carefully, actually these fruits are us in daily life very general

What be rare and rare precious fruit, but effect of breast enhancement thin waist is very good however!

Is bosom OK " eat " big? Is lumbar abdomen OK " eat " small? Can! The fruit of these covet letting a person can promote mammary gland to secrete, make you relaxed " forceful " , and exceed low calorie, let your one full the luck to eat sth delicious while, need not be " little stomach Nan " be anxious, additional, rich vitamin, cellulose, it is you discharge poison to raise colour good helper!
1, banana quantity of heat 87 kilocalorie / 100 grams
The effect with banana embellish aperient bowel is everybody familiar to the ear can of detailed, insist to eat 9 banana everyday, conduce to eduction body endotoxin, contractive waist abdomen, coruscate by inside and the health outside is beautiful. And a banana (suttle about 100 grams are controlled) caloric, only 87 get stuck just, measure with the plain cooked rice of feed (150 grams 220 calories) than rising, have the low calorie under the half only about. Discharge poison already thin body.

2, papaya quantity of heat 27 calories / 100 grams
Papaya has the beauty the hairdressing effect such as white, breast enhancement. Stew of the Chinese flowering quince that use delicacy perhaps adds the evaporate Chinese flowering quince of honey, can be the top grade of breast enhancement! In papaya ferment of embedded Chinese flowering quince, these papaya ferment not only dissoluble protein, saccharide,
More dissoluble adipose it is adipose and OK to be solved through cent flesh of purify go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married.

3, bizarre fruit quantity of heat 30 kilocalorie / 100 grams

Bizarre fruit is melting and juicily, contain the distinguishing feature of rich vitamin C again, acid of pectic, fruit make the most welcome hairdressing and model body fruit. The acid that take a place is sweet the bizarre fruit of good taste, can prevent aid digestion of constipation, side and beautificationSkin.

4, cheese pear quantity of heat 45 kilocalorie / 100 grams

The not saturated fatty acid with the rich content in cheese pear, can increase bosom to organize flexibility; Contained vitamin A can promote a woman hormonal secrete, vitamin C can prevent bosom to be out of shape, vitamin E criterion conduce bosom development.

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