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Want breast enhancement, eat these food more
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The fact proves: American dweller 2.5 times his daily adipose intake is a Chinese, incidence of a disease of its breast cancer is inferior, 4 times of area of blame, Latin America. And Japanese eats fish and the food that contain vitamin D more, the incidence of a disease of breast cancer also lowest. Besides the intake with adipose attention, eat following food more even, the β that contains in these food is C of carotene, vitamin, cellulose, monose and polysaccharide, Potassium, calcic, magnesian wait for the effect that has protective mammary gland.

1, there is wheat in staple food (flour) , corn, soja, milk and milk products and a few food grains other than wheat and rice.

2, dish kind in food proud garlic, onion, asparagus, pumpkin, cucumber, balsam pear, towel gourd, tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, carrot, turnip and a few vegetable.

3, fish especially soft-shelled turtle loach and yellow croaker, hairtail, ostracean, holothurian, octopus, squid and sea product if kelp, agar, Hai Song child.

4, do not eat excessive sweet food, because eat tall saccharide for a long time, the insulin content raise that can make blood medium, and insulin the growth of conduce breast cancer cell. In the meantime, efficient athletic way also can make you are far from mammary disease likewise. Do more a few have oxygen campaign, for instance bicycle, canter, dumbbell is waited a moment. The motion in water is very helpful also to your breast.

  The food that perfect bosom needs most:

1, orange, grape, shaddock reachs the tomato food that contains vitaminic C on the west, can prevent bosom to be out of shape.

2, the celery, walnut and red waist beans food that contains vitaminic E, conduce bosom development.

3, the flower of broccoli, broccoli and sunflower seed oil food that contains vitaminic A, the exudation of advantageous hormone.

4, the beef, milk, legume and pork liver food that contains vitaminic B, also the synthesis of conduce hormone.

5, eat marine food more, the shellfish that be like shrimp, the zinc that its contain is to make hormonal important element.

6, ─ of ─ of bee emperor oar takes a few months continuously, can have certain breast enhancement effect namely, because bee emperor oar has use of exciting hormonal excretive. Colloid and marine help the 2nd degree of growth.

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