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Green banana aids body of model of your breast enhancement
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At present thin body is encircled in wide suffer discussion fever topic, namely " green banana law reducing weight " , invent the Taiwan of this law allegedlyLiu surnameThe doctor was browsing countless document account, had had a lot of and relevant test, affirmatory finally discovery " green banana " in what contain two kinds of special part, make namely actually " Nuo beautiful graceful Reductil " (rotten whole world of a kind of wind also commends however differ medicine reducing weight) main component, this one discovery shocked group reducing weight immediately.

  "Green banana " secret garden

So magical " green banana " in what kind of mysterious element to have after all? Actually can with drug of thin body name " Nuo beautiful graceful " contend! As a result of,actually this is " green banana " in have " serum hormone " reach " adrenalin " these two kinds of natural component- -

 Serum hormone

Come on medicine say, "Serum hormone " the essential part in the remedy that often is used at treating melancholia directly, its action depends on can making the mood is loosened, broom melancholy mood. With reducing weight on, have the function that controls cent of candy of appetite, control to absorb, the content of this kind of composition is with banana skin especially most.

Say " serum hormone " can help reduce weight, depend on therefore " serum hormone " can use as amylase depressor. Assume we ate to contain " blood sugar hormone " food, so amylase depressor is broken with respect to meeting block " amylaceous " action, make amylase cannot successful translate into is odd carbohydrate, cannot be absorbed naturally by human body place!


" adrenalin " helpful decompose adipose the result that reachs metabolism, greatly helpful to reducing weight. Notable is, of green banana " adrenalin " content relatively ripe already banana comes more, and it is better that cortical part compares pulp again, regrettablly is people is met normally will cortical part discards need not, think edible may need to nod courage really nevertheless!

Additional, because high temperature is easy,destroy green banana within " serum hormone " reach " adrenalin " wait for 2 kinds of component, because this is like thin body enthusiast people want to use green banana to implement plan reducing weight, but below the position that the green banana that must remember will be being bought maintains existence low temperature, lest not only did not have thin body effect, still add fertilizer because of eating banana madly circuit!

TIPS: "Green banana " advantage

Bypass thin body does not talk, actually banana itself is the fruit with nutrient extremely high value, have the help of many sided to human body.
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