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How to handle the sexual issue of high school schoolgirl
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Above all the should calm daughter with oneself has equal conversation, and cannot use the manner that scold and hates anger to handle this issue in that way like most parents. Want to realise the daughter is in the phase of chief body, her health is very important, you should ensure she can be healthy grow, maintain relationship of good mother and daughter.

You need not condonable her so radical sexual behavior. In the meantime, get correct development to make the sex of your daughter healthy, also do not underestimate the power that the mother suggests. Show you to produce its dissatisfaction to place, examine minutely whether she became sufficient consideration, but do not use force to her, these do not have pressure examine minutely the daughter that can let you feels abashed. You can tell your daughter, after the sexual behavior that is informed her your specific experience, where is the mother that before should you say why to sending natural disposition behavior you seek advice from? You should produce this kind of action in corresponding age ability. I understand this is yourself's lifestyle, no matter what you did, mom still loves you euqally and give you ceaselessly to rouse.

Examine minutely she used measure of what birth control even. Considering the understanding level of knowledge of manage of opposite of high school student, you should tell her relevant contraceptive measure, calculated her to make a mistake, unapt also more severe case appears. Considering the contraceptive measure with complex so much, your daughter used condom possibly when making love with her boy friend to prevent the happening with pestiferous sex. But ambitious also intense suggests she injects a few corresponding sexes are pestiferous vaccinal, these vaccine can prevent a few diseases for instance the happening of palace neck cancer.

Do not forget at the same time fine in the talk talk about a few pairs of sexes experience reach a few true opinion in their heart. Ensure let her know, main purpose of the mother is not to think the daughter that lets his is harmed, this kind of talk has in a kind of relaxed atmosphere, do not destroy the relationship between your mother and daughter.

Finally, be necessary to pour out of a few tear. Your young daughter had been brought up, she can discover and experience gives mom's fine to suffer from the intention.

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