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Be careful! Kidney is loved fortunately on young woman
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The kidney with the sick old people in be being belonged to originally tangles insensibly fortunately went up young woman. Director of division of kidney of hospital of accessary Long Hua Professor Deng Yueyi says university of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science, current, in kidney internal medicine, female patient of 50 years old occupied 30 ~ major, the woman that often takes in the office especially or at inferior the female of health is increasing.

Office female lies for a long time in environment of airless air conditioning, obscurity of the four seasons, be in for a long time again anoxic make a kidney frail below condition. Additional, harmful material is like the content such as carbon dioxide, toxic dust in the air of air conditioning room exorbitant, the immune function that can cause the organ such as kidney drops, long-term progress continues, form nephritis possibly.

Modern woman is bearing unprecedented competitive pressure, the life does not have the rule, together with is young the female is a group with stable least of all mood. Fall for a long time at depressed mood, immune force also suffers an effect, the kidney may appear because of this stage by stage deficit. At the same time modern enjoys snack food more, nutrient structure not quite reasonable, quantity of heat is too high, nephritic overheat also can bring about resistance to drop.

The performance with weak kidney is met cap-a-pie ground is reflected. General, the person hair of kidney empty does not have burnish, dry of buccal dry tongue, complexion is gloomy, some people can have black rim of the eye, often aching and limp of genu of the waist after sore throat, overworked. Additional, frequent micturition, make water is urgent in the evening, there can be diarrhoea in the morning, be afraid of in the winter cold, menstruation of classics regular meeting is not moved, giddy body empty, alvine bilge painful wait for a symptom.

The doctor points out, appear after afore-mentioned symptoms, do not want a try anything when in a desperate situation. Because a lot of nephrosis are ambiguous individual constitution, diagnose without professional doctor, excessive is taken, excessive takes health care to taste, destroy human body interior to be caused evenly. Young white-collar should prevent excessive overworked, keep buoyant prevent a mood change is intense. Can eat the food with the high volume that contain calcium more at ordinary times, wait like bone soup, cool and refreshing perhaps food, be like yam, Gorgon fruit, honeysuckle, gram, definitely soup of pine torch, fish.

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