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Detect: Whether did you get venereal common sense to lack disease?
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One of errors: Know syphilis and clap are venereal only

Venereal exact definition is a gender pestiferous, it is the floorboard that contacts the contagion closely related with all sorts of sexual behavior, sex. Besides syphilis, clap, soft chancre and venereal sex lymphatic granulation is swollen, inguinal granulation is swollen those who wait for people to be familiar with relatively is venereal outside, still have acuteness disease of bacterium of beads of bleb of organ of wet wart, AIDS, reproduction, genital, infectivity is soft urethritis of sex of gonococcus of disease of verrucous, crab louse, blame is waited a moment can contact transmission via the gender.

Of the error: Slant the letter swims cure advertisement, "Freewill " come to endure slaughter

A lot of patients, slant the letter swims cure advertisement, "Freewill " come to endure slaughter, investigate its reason, nothing more than the following two kinds: Acquaintance is come up against when fearing to see a doctor to normal hospital or worry about a doctor to divulge privacy. Actually, the privacy that protects a patient is the professional morality with the duty that every doctor should use up and due at least; Secondly, the patient hoped to be in venereal later, can cure earlier, slant the letter swims of cure " stitch is clever " flapdoodle, result not only loss gold, return bungle illness.

Of the error: Treat oneself only, do not manage sexual partner

A few venereal patients are in after curing, below the case that has an affair no longer, have a relapse for many times again, cured because of themselves namely, did not allow conjugal treatment, the result suffers from for many times again through the sexual life between husband and wife suffer from same kind of disease. Treat extremely easy generation to be able to bear or endure for many times repeatedly ever since medical effect, make the disease that cures very quickly instinctively formerly becomes thorny difficult problem. Accordingly, once the patient knows he had venereal later, for the safety of oneself and family, ought to tell a mate frankly and sincerely, reach a hospital at the same time examination, cure.

Of the error: Do not wish to do comprehensive venereal pathogen to check

The patient asks to make treatment only, and the examination that does not wish to spend money take time to do a main and venereal pathogen. Little imagine, because the object of feculent sexual intercourse often is not of oneness spouse, consequently he (she) catch on the coital object body that never is the same as likely those who differ is venereal. Consequently, already sufferred from on the lab inspection that some kind of person with doubt venereal or sick sexual had better make multinomial and main venereal pathogen, whether to have amalgamative disease with diagnose, facilitate seasonable cure.

Of the error: "A state of extreme nervousness " -- , venereal phobia

This plants disease is in venereal outpatient service and many seeing, often be those psychology bear to pay close attention to the person of oneself health insecurity of ability difference, spirit, overly to suffer from easily. What they often react the physiology with normal oneself or slight unwell move exaggerates and end ever had sufferred from before is venereal go up, strive gets confirming, the hope receives the doctor's approve of and treatment, and support suspicion or repellent attitude to the dependability of the doctor's explanation and assay result.
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