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Young not the safe and significant contraceptive step that Yo female should choo
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The number that Tianjin city family planning association provides makes clear, tianjin city amounts to one million seven hundred and fifty-nine thousand three hundred person 10 years old to 24 years old of adolescent, occupy the 1 9.33 % of total population. In recent years, the sexual behavior before marriage of single young person shows ascendant trend, safety covers utilization rate extremely low; Induced abortion person in, adolescent and single young person have higher proportion.

According to the statistic of Tianjin downtown a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics, in recent years, although the total amount of induced abortion drops, but single woman place occupies proportion year after year to increase by degrees, increased nearly 10 % than 2005 2006. This hospital outpatient service undertook investigating to female of 446 single stream of people, student scale was occupied nearly 4 into. In the meantime, repeat abortive scale tall, time interval is short, the frequency is frequent wait for a phenomenon general also increase.

The expert points out, the remedying that induced abortion just is pregnant accidentally measure. Repeatedly the operation can leave much place scar on uterine wall, hair of possible generation haemorrhage, infection, habitual abortion, afterwards is infecund wait for complication. Its relay hair is infecund it is the commonnest complication, female of about 40 % is infecund concern with induced abortion. Accordingly, the expert reminds, female especially young not Yo female, must choose to suit oneself safe and significant contraceptive step.

As we have learned, health of Tianjin city teenage reproduction helps a center jointly with the liberation army by family planning association of city of Tianjin city family planning council, Tianjin 254 hospitals are established jointly. Below the premise that protects individual privacy, the center will be carried out stop girl accident gravid operation, among them 16 years old of the following girls will acquire operation of free medical treatment. In the meantime, still will wait in school of Tianjin community, street, old technical secondary school begin an accident gravid remedy measure, prevent disease of accident and gravid, precaution and remedial department of gynaecology to wait for teenage reproduction health to teach series lecture, enlightened girl accident is gravid at the same time support hot line, the girl that is pregnant for the accident offers law, psychology, stop gravid those who wait for a respect is free seek advice to serve with the technology.

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