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Be vigilant! These sexes are used to no good
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Walk the street, go whoring constellation is promiscuity of men and women of a kind of commerciality actually, sell excessive woman and go whoring guest to have comparative to contract sexual disease partly, be venereal transmission is very important infect a source. Because these sell excessive woman to pass sexual chaos venereal catch go whoring customer, and go whoring guest catchs sexual disease to transmit new sexual associate or its spouse again, not only socially, and transmission is caused in the family. Accordingly, the degree that venereal transmission spreads and the growth and decline that sell excessive woman are close together and relevant, especially guest of meretricious, go whoring suffers from venereal circumstance and venereal transmission to have immediate concern more.

The homosexual waits for unusual sexual behavior with buccal excessive, also can make venereal transmission spread, especially queer harm is greater. The homosexual basically is to point to the anus between the male to hand in. Hand in through anus, man seminal fluid enters anus canal of the same sex, not only can produce seminal allergy and cause immune functionary change, and still can increase venereal infectious opportunity, concern with the happening of AIDS close.

Activity of licentious sex rogue, also can make spread venereally popular. Its expression is many or a flock of men and womens fool around together, group evil, group old, mutual and act indecently towards, by turns illicit sexual relations, dally with each other, satisfy in order to go after the sexual pleasure of animal sex and sex for the purpose, not only rot social conduct, play havoc with social order, and the transmission that makes by nature disease easily.

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