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Super and inapproachable action of sexual love reducing weight
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There is kinetic energy of which kinds of carry on the world at the same time decompression, alleviate furrow of heart disease of insomnia of aching, cure, precaution, dispel, prevent cancer even? British countryman sanitation serves a system (the answer of NHS) is: Regularity loves. A findings that British media publishs recently discovers, sexual love ranks " Englishman most the activity that love " runner-up.

This one investigation visited more than 1000 1 Englishmans of 25 years old of above, among them nearly 9 become people think, take a walk can maintain posture, but won't feel very fatigue, because this is the most welcome activity. And more than most probably the person shows, the profit that sexual love can bring, be more than other activity, in obtain while the body takes exercise, return the sentiment between can promotional husband and wife.

The person that still more than 7 is become regards the kiss as the 3rd big activity, "When soul kiss, human body can have 30 muscle to cooperate actively. Among them the movement of lip of 12 block control, the movement of tongue of 11 block control, still 7 may control the part such as neck or arm. And when the kiss, the person's pulse can be quickened, from minutely rise 70 times on average, the pulse below this and condition of movement having oxygen is about the same. The pulse below this and condition of movement having oxygen is about the same..

As we have learned, NHS ever was rolled out " sexual love moves " , in order to encourage the habit of sexual love of English nurturance rule.

"The sexual love of dripping wet of a merry and lively, its effect is compared canter or sit-ups is close friends more, be in especially the winter with biting cold wind. People is potential because be afraid of cold and do not wish to go out or go up gym moves, that mights as well let sexual love come activity on your body each groups of muscle. General, horary sexual love can use up 300 caloric quantity of heat; When orgasm, human body still can secrete acetanilide element automatically, alleviate the body everywhere aching; Additional excretive hormone, beneficial skeleton and muscle, make skin particularly exquisite. Can say, advantage too numerous to mention one by one of sexual love. " the participator of findings report, England coachs reach psychotherapy academician Huo Desen to say, this second investigation is exciting. They prove not only " the Englishman also has from truly the athletic way with loving oneself, and earnestly practise what one advocates " , also declare publicly the Englishman still has exuberant sex to send, is not to some of report place says " most Englishman few desire few is begged " .

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