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Safe problem of the attention answers when the female masturbates
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Safe problem of the attention answers when the female masturbates
Open as the idea develop with medicine, the catholicity that the male masturbates has been people to accept gradually. But in fact, the United States investigates discovery, the proportion of male and female that has masturbation experience is in 90% above. Sea of expert of American psychologist, sexology is in especially her composing " sea character learns a report " in express: "Female masturbation and man are same, be the phenomenon that does not pass normally again. Be the phenomenon that does not pass normally again..
Because give birth to manage condition to restrict, the female is only in the proportion that the climax can reach in natural sexual intercourse 20% , but the woman that has 94% is OK orgasm is achieved in masturbation. Because this masturbation can become female acquired character,release, alleviate the step with sexual the most significant demand. Of a netizen on website of the person that masturbate as American female leave a message say in that way: Masturbation has made the one part that I live daily. Even if fall in the case that has fixity life with the husband, also can have masturbation happening.
The masturbation behavior that healthy woman exists accidentally is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon completely, won't endanger healthy, also won't affect the sexual function after marriage and fecundity. Scientific knowledge has obtained consistent: As the male same, female masturbation also is one kind contains masturbation the physiology phenomenon from amusement property. Accordingly, the female's masturbation, it is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon, can not regard deviant insalubrious sexual behavior as, do it on occasion need not self-condemned and compunctious. To the girl, if do not have masturbation habit originally, so the proposal does not begin because of curiosity, already had the girl that masturbation is used to, also cannot too frequent masturbation, when masturbating, safe problem is attached most importance to especially should.
Nevertheless, if the female wants to let those who make the living masturbate really " happy dressing " , still want to add an attention more. Because masturbate,the regular meeting when doctor of department of gynaecology is encountered and be harmed or catch the case of illness of the disease, experts offer advice to female friend: Must notice to protect oneself when masturbation.
Choose the environment with quiet close illicit
Above all, the environmental atmosphere of masturbation is very important. Select the illicit close site that disturb or is met by chance quietly, not easily for example, the feeling that can increase pair of delight not only on one hand so degree; On the other hand, also can avoid those insecurity the conservative, female that returns existence ethics apprehension to masturbating leaves psychological shadow. Additional, as making love same, the female sees the novel of a few romance perhaps be inspected into people when masturbation, to achieving orgasm, arouse sexual excitement to also can be helped somewhat.
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