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"Crouch " the bosom that come out massages breast enhancement law
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Bosom is " crouch " come out

Crouching is day appearance, before not was born, all fetal already crouched in mother abdomen, but in daily life, crouch to leaving us further and further.

Actually, crouch a training to be helpful for healthy long life not only, still be helpful for the female's beauty. If crouch can decrease run rock of fluctuation of the breast when jumping, reduce the possibility with easy and flagging breast, but ham of have the aid of and abdominal extruding force, the shift of breast of adipose Xiang Shuang that makes leave abdomen and gastric department, undertake double breast is massaged at the same time, promote the haemal circulation of double breast and lymphatic circumfluence, nutrition is plump double breast.

The middleaged female after many females are borne especially, basin heart muscle is flabby, send tensional sex urinary incontinence easily, the vagina still affects sexual pleasure flabbily, through crouching a training coccyx muscle, not only can treat tensional sex urinary incontinence in case, and the quality that still can improve sexual life.

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In addition, couchant pose pushs lower limbs, abdominal blood afferent lung, midriff flesh motion increases the territory of thorax and lung, reduce the occurence rate of coronary heart disease, hypertension and emphysema thereby.

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