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Law of massage breast enhancement allows try out super and effective
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Zhang Shaohan changed, sent new special " Pan Duo is pulled " she, become move move is very, individual character becomes easy, also greaten even bosom, the near future, she exposes to the sun oneself massage breast enhancement has, bosom is brought up gradually, she says: "For breast enhancement, very painful, want to be pressed everyday, wait in August when the concert, I can show gain, to moment everybody looked to fasten wondering, my meeting small the lower part of the body comes, with rock and roll the song of the area confuses a greeting. " 6 days of Zhang Shaohan send a press conference in, huang Zijiao says compere humorously, zhang Shaohan has small body, greatly energy, in fact, zhang Shaohan's small body already stealthily " grown " .

The life photograph of the Zhang Shaohan before be brought up

After Zhang Shaohan breast enhancement illuminate nearly, it is plump really many

6 days of edges sing Zhang Shaohan the edge jumps " Pan Duo is pulled " , nifty and lovely, left stage, she expresses to perhaps be met in the future transition, she says suddenly: "My bosom greatened " , frighten everybody jump, reach the friend inside the circle to be informed the product of frost of breast enhancement of Er of a kind of demon from the net. She says: "I am very laborious massage, it how is good that you cannot envisage the effect to have, I am being borne everyday painful, return be effort to massage, additional, I also can feed body of filling take good care of sb with Chinese traditional medicine, my nutrition filled to go to bosom. My nutrition filled to go to bosom..

Outstanding him laugh follows Zhang Shaohan is " with a ha compare a person " , zhang Shaohan says: "A lot of famous models are long so tall, my height is not tall (158 centimeter) , if do not have bosom again, be very miserable? Must try hard so breast enhancement, I had been changed recently buy the underwear with a bit larger size. " special the Zhang Shaohan that confuses Rain says, she believes one day, can with more perfect about, those who appear in Rain before. About disc access incident, yesterday of KTV of money-locker, good Le Di expresses to hold out Zhang Shaohan, zhang Shaohan will sell CD in KTV.

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