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Man both hands is breast enhancement those who massage is optimal fierce medicin
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To feminine breast, the man also has right to speak likewise. They ask somewhat, also be willing to contribute force. In fact, the man's contribution, do not be less than her woman efforts, the man's caress is the most effective breast enhancement is massaged, the sexual love of high quality surpasses cookbook of any a breast enhancement.

Medical basis:

Massage can reach mammary gland with hyperplasia of mammary gland of prevention and cure at least benign bump and mammary gland cellulose tumour, still can prevent mammary gland canal to jam, and also have very good help to development, and of exciting female hormone secrete, abigail sex has angel beauty more, have the effect that always is stationed in to hairdressing and youth. Because the feminine hormone in love will be elevatory, try later external massage (the man's hand) it is can effective fruit.

the schoolgirl in development, because of female hormone secrete, together with on nerve perverse stimulate, of the opposite sex long for, can cause the effect that feels bigger more. But aught is to have " degree " , won't greaten again after developing certain level so, crossed the level of development when you that is to say, the person's physiology and endocrine finalize the design basically won't,

The method that uses massage bosom, breast will increase a breast, convenient and effective.

1. Push a breast continuously: Be in with face of right hand palm first left breast upside, namely exert oneself of clavicular lower part, even blandly is pushed continuously downward to mammary root ministry, push along primary line up again, after doing 20 ~ 50 times, change left hand to massage right breast 20 ~ 50.

2. Side pushs a breast: With root of left hand palm and palm face from the bosom in the middle of ministry exert oneself, transverse push by on the right side of till the breast is alar, when returning, show with the five fingers the face brings back mammary organization, relapse 20 ~ 50 hind, change the right hand to massage left breast 20 ~ 50.

3. Hot compress massages a breast: Face every night hot towel spread is used before sleeping two side breast 3 ~ 5 minutes, massage a breast with palmar ministry all round, from left arrive right, massage 20 ~ 50 times. Need to be massaged 1 times everyday by afore-mentioned methods only, insist to massage 2 ~ 3 months, can make mammary apophysis 2 ~ 3 centimeters.

4. Physical training: Exercise the good plan that is abundant breast. Attend physical training, notice to exercise bosom muscle especially, make pectoralis major develops, stimulative breast is plump. The attention stands and walk at ordinary times pose, often maintain hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, with benefit breast development, join natant campaign special conduce to double breast strong and handsome.

Massage method

Target: Tighten solid bosom muscle, enhance the power that prop up, the bosom that lets you more and more quite.

1, put both hands in alar, make a circle massage along mammary periphery.
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