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5 old massage laws weigh model your be proud person beautiful bosom
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Attrition law: 4 point to and approach, big toe is apart, show the palm touchs the skin. First by neck, shoulder to next axillary massage, fall to be brushed to extrapolate up by the bosom again, next by the tit to all around attrition is in to alar lymph node. Chafe gently first, weigh next a bit, massage again a few gentlier finally, massage 3 times in all.

Knead hold a way: 4 point to and approach, big toe is apart, into pincerlike, finger and skin of palmar press close to. Begin to be given priority to in order to knead, come by neck, shoulder and pectoral side breast, exert oneself wants light; Give priority to in order to hold next, to each flesh group undertake kneading holding along lymphatic trend, carry hold, catch hold, return to be in to alar lymph node finally. Relapse so 3-5 minute. Knead power of sarcous pointing to a palm should be used when holding, force wants permeate depth muscle, ligament.

The dot controls a standard: Use big toe, forefinger or be middle finger, also can be in with size fish border pectoral enlarge is departmental reach ministry of base of neck, shoulder, do rotate massage, nod next approach concerned point, if enrage an acupuncture point, storeroom acupuncture point, acupuncture point in the smell of mutton,wait. The dot presses the dot after Shi Xianxuan is kneaded, in acupuncture point point point presses 10 seconds, relapse 2-3 second, hold a law in order to knead to be massaged again finally. Dot pressing law had better keep away from breast, if want to use method to the breast, want forcibly light.

Shake law: It is to take stand, two shoulders are loosened, arm nature is flagging, shake up and down humeral ministry, drive two arms and bosom to shake; 2 be 4 point to and approach, as apart as big toe, hold breast or chest muscle in the palm to do with the palm shake. With two kinds of methods each apply art 1-2 minute.

Mammary bath is massaged

1, move bath water to40 ℃Or so, relatively human body temperature slightly tall advisable.

2, enter bath crock, swab the whole body with bombazine glove, make give out heat all over.

3, undertake massage to the breast with the hand.

4, hold a brush from mammary inside the line along mammary lower part, like picture arc outside side scrub breast.

5, open big sprinkler head, the edge brushs Bian Chong to wash a breast, wipe after bath on moist frost, massage 10 minutes gently by the clockwise with two tactics. Also can wipe gently with cold towel, make skin contractive.

6, if the breast is too small, usable towel does cold compress and hot compress alternately, 10 minutes alternant.
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