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Effective beautiful bosom massages a law
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Family expenses allocates oil of essence of life: Attar 2 geranium 2 sweet almond 20ML

The massage oil that pours mix up is on the hand (direct perhaps drop is on bosom) , next even daub is in bosom. If feel,massage in massage process rising is not very moist, a few massage oil are added again at any time when having acerbity feeling namely. Massage gimmick can divide a pace to undertake:

1, with thumb at the same time, additionally 4 point to shut for at the same time, tiger's mouth-jaws of death is stretched, from both sides bosom outside side is gone to in the center of push, in case the enlarge outside bosom, every edge 30.

2, the appearance that the hand maintains same, begin from left bosom. Left hand from outside side general different breed to in the center of push, push in the center of hind use the right hand to push different breed upgrade from different breed lower part at the same time, want to advance clavicular point all the time. Two hands crisscross wears that is to say push different breed. After repeating 30 times. Change right breast. This action is very significant.

3, shape of cover of hand make it, the five fingers is a bit apart, can cover mammary model. Want in a way to bow, after both hands covers a breast from bottom (not be bottom) make toward tit direction carry press an action. Repeat 20 times.

4, both hands is circling a breast to make circumferential form massage, massage what remain to bosom till oil of all essence of life are absorbed.

TIPS: Of oil of essence of life good it is normal to absorb the gas blood circulation that can promote mammary passages through which vital energy circulates and lymphatic loop, organization of exciting mammary gland absorbs nutrition, achieve beautiful bosom goal. But should notice to massage gimmick must gentle.

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