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How does blizzard weather protect wet body skin
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As the woman, you had mixed major money time, gave liberally the skin, prepared best aliment for it, do to it massage, walk into plastic hospital for it even... but want to obtain the exquisite, smooth, skin that cannot see furrow, still not be an easy thing, because the skin of different position is having his secret, need those who want different kind to maintain.

☆ forehead

Forehead skin is easy by all sorts of countenance place drag in, get excessive extruding or drawing, frequent extruding makes its produce furrow, frequent drawing brings about his dry, sclerotic, lose flexibility then. Accordingly, do not want frown and dare brow as far as possible at ordinary times, use what do not contain oil to protect wet protect skin to taste, and notice when daub by below consummate, go to by eyebrow bone bob direction daub, or use the means that flaps gently.

☆ nose ala

Nose ala layer of cutin of two side skin is thicker, pore is relatively bulky, accordingly grease is secreted exuberant, it is the place that acne grows the most easily, appear easily still black head. Besides nose ala of daily and careful cleanness two side skin, still need to use product accusing oil. The expert is special remind do not use bazoo to stick, because energetically drag in can make nose ala two side occurrence microgroove

☆ mouth ministry

Labial skin is very thin also, and protect without pigment, suffer ultraviolet ray easily to harm and produce solar ageing, so whatever season should be used have prevent the lipstick that basks in composition. And any one place skins yearn for labial comparing whole body water, accordingly the moist effect of the lipstick is close friends certainly. Additional, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is very important also, because investigate discovery,smoking movement can make lines adds all round mouth ministry 47% .

☆ is cervical

Skin of cervical front skin is qualitative delicate, along with years growth is met most first flabby, because this is washed everyday,should flap with cold water when the face cervical, skin of ministry giving a face is used cervical skin also is not forgotten when protecting skin to taste, and notice by below consummate gently daub. Additional, the undesirable pose when sleep and working, make cervical skin produces furrow easily, when the expert suggests to sleep, the skin does not use not exorbitant pillow, long-term side to sleep, the head when the job and computer keep parallel.
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