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Tighten up abdomen exercise a method
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When I do private coach, student asks me most problem is: "Teacher, how is flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of my waist abdomen decreased " ? Friend party sees most bodily form is fertilizer of buttock round abdomen, these fat beset deeply personage love the United States, and decrease more jump over severe. Lumbar abdomen is adipose it is the easiest accumulation and eliminate the hardest, especially the male, female is entered middleaged, if did not pass professional training, adipose meet almost more or less accumulation rises. So what is removing these adipose efficient way?

Habits and customs

1, meal hind is not sitting in the hour. This is one of very important methods. Must hold to. Sedentary the activity stands up after a hour.

2, maintain excrete unobstructed, one day is excreted to two, discharge as far as possible empty the trash inside all body, maintain alvine Qing Dynasty.

3, walk at ordinary times, stand, fall sit to want to maintain hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, let abdomen tighten up from beginning to end, this is pair of abdominal muscle group daily exercise.

"Science and reasonable " physical training

Attention: The physical training that I say is " scientific, reasonable " , not be the experienced heart method that points to self-abuse: "A day 1000 lie on his back sit since Y, the ran that adds a hour " right what such method can decrease certainly is very fast, but I think to take exercise is one kind is enjoyed, not be self-abuse, it is another kind of end that cost changes with self-abuse, be inferior to be not being done, so I think this kind practices a method, do not suit " advanced animal " use. So ask you to had listened to me to tell you a few good methods that oneself exercise.

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