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Acetic conduce is drunk to decrease abdomen after the meal adipose
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 Send the child to go to school to be being driven in the morning go to work with oneself, at the same time to reduce weight, many person selected choose abandon breakfast. This is absolutely mistake. Everyday in the morning at 7 o'clock  ̄ at 9 o'clock, this moment is the phase that function of human body taste starts, right now bile also begins to enter secrete exuberant period, if do not have breakfast,be the function that should damage these organs and health, gall-stone is the typical sequela that does not have breakfast, stomach trouble also begins from this bad habit.  

The another function of breakfast offers a person one day to absorb caloric is big namely, breakfast eats bad, how does dinner eat possible get fat again in, so not only cannot be on a diet, and even satiate had eaten.

   Breakfast proposal cookbook

Staple food: The rice face such as rice congee, biscuit, steamed bread kind food, the egg also is right choice, but do not exceed two.

Beverage: Soya-bean milk, milk, yoghurt drink on one cup very preserve one's health.

Vegetables and fruits: Tomato, banana, apple those who eat on one to be able to assure a vitamin is balanced.

   In the morning drink: Breakfast is satiate, many person selected choose drink many boiled water to eliminate the adipose accumulation that causes possibly, be done so actually and go against reduce weight, water of one party seasoned millet mush is diluent gastric juice, on the other hand, not all tea can be eliminated adipose, if the scented tea such as jasmine, chrysanthemum does not have such effect. The proposal can be drunk appropriately in the morning fermented or half barmy tea, wait like Pu Er, Wu Long, a variety of oolong tea, black tea.

Those who need an attention is not to drink excessive, control is in 600 milliliter of 500  ̄ can, it is two teacups water generally speaking. And tea also is not put too much, too much tea causes tea easily alkaline inside body save up forms stone. The quantity of tea had better be controlled in 10 grams, namely the size of bagging of a packet of oolong.

  Special clew

Hour of meal second half drinks bit of vinegar

Bit of fruit vinegar is drunk inside half hour after lunch and dinner, probably 300 milliliter left and right sides, it is the quantity of one water cup. Can reduce the odds that little stomach appears on certain level so.

Drinking the gain with fruit the biggest vinegar is to be able to be promoted digest, the food that has let be absorbed more as soon as possible from decompose inside body excrete go out. If do not have fruit vinegar to also have nothing to do with, drink a dot to feed vinegar to also go, it is mouthfeel all but, drunk quantity is controlled in 10 milliliter probably.
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