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Decrease two fatter the biggest reasons more
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Eat too quickly to gain flesh easily also

Miss Lin

The first job after Miss Lin graduates is very busy, the time that has a meal every time is very short, behave to beg plus new personality, do good work, she always has a meal very fast, the friend describes her to have a meal to resemble fighting, cursory ground ate meal, as time passes, miss Lin nurturance have a meal to be used to quickly, although changed the job later, do not drive time, this her habit also is not changed, eat a meal to always compare others a lot of faster, still often be in in others to nibble slow pharynx when, she is already satiate. Like sport not quite plus Miss Lin, come down two years, before Miss Lin compares graduate fat many, must think method reduces weight.

The expert comments on:

People feels abdomen is hungry, it is the blood sugar level because of human body under normal blood sugar index, reflex cerebrum at this moment, tell us need has a thing. And eat the food that go in to be digested through gastric bowel absorb, lift to blood sugar level need the left and right sides half hours probably. When feeling abdomen is full accordingly, the food that absorbs actually already excessive. Eat too quickly especially, absorbed food has not been digested completely absorb, etc the quantity already was passed when discovery is full, if things go on like this is easy and fat.


Everyday energy is absorbed do not want excessive, have a meal 6 to 7 into full about the same, of energy absorb use up with energy must balance, if need reduces weight of an energy absorb those who be less than energy to use up. In the meantime, want to have healthy way of life, include hopeful state of mind, enough sleep, proper motion and balanced diet.

Move to still be added at the same time at the same time fat

Miss Li

Miss Li likes shuttlecock, her a week should play the badminton 3 night, hit end of very tired ability every time, but strange is, miss Li moves fatter more, to reduce weight, she attended acupuncture to reduce weight to beauty parlour, in the first month when the effect is apparent, but fruit of 23 months aftereffect is not apparent, add Miss Li him young lady to also feel unidentified to show, did not go again acupuncture, after thinking of 3 months, rebounded actually, still weighed 10 jins than before, although beauty parlour agrees to let Miss Li continue to reduce weight freely 3 months, but Miss Li had done not have confidence.

The expert comments on:

What violent campaign decreases is muscle, not be adipose, the ability of motion having oxygen that has half hours of above only has bigger effect to reducing weight, what violent campaign uses up is carbohydrate arrives again protein, final ability arrives adipose, if move to eat more more, adipose meeting stores more, also meet fatter and fatter.
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