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The law of blackart of 5 large thin bodies of New Year princess
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The blackart of thin body of law of blackart of 5 large thin bodies of New Year princess the first action: Abdomen of thin and small

Action time: Meal hind arrives 1 hour 2 hours between.

1. thin leg stands, another leg knee bends forward, with 90 degrees of role are assumed between crus, both hands is smooth lift, last 30 seconds.

2. changes another leg. Two legs with this means alternant, make an appointment with 5 bouts everyday.

3. points to control a standard: The lie low before sleeping is on the bed, the seat that controls navel to go up to point to with forefinger " moisture acupuncture point " . The position that massages navel both sides to point to each again " blind Yu acupuncture point " , reach each two point to places other navel " day center acupuncture point " with navel outward lower part each 3 positions that point to " big cavern " .

Solution action: Path of above acupuncture point helps aid digestion, exhaust, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, help defecate, have the effect that removes flesh of alvine go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married more.

Thin body blackart the 2nd action: Thin waist

Action time: After the meal after 2 hours

Point to control a standard: The waist after two tactics is extended is in, 4 before pointing to face, big toe is put after two side undertake lumbar vertebra massage, not only can promote local loop, help catchment, still can prevent lumbar acerbity backache.

Thin body blackart the 3rd action: Thin buttock

Action time: Before sleeping

1. lie low is on the bed, knee bends, two legs are opened be the same as with the shoulder wide, sole walks on the bed closely. lumbar hip upgrade is maintained, make a waist coxal rise high into the air, keep 5-10 second, put down slowly next, a day 5 can.

2. stands, double leg is opened be the same as with the shoulder wide, close alvine, will coxal muscle is tightened up, on tiptoe is pointed at the same time 3-5 second, undertake 10 times continuously.

Thin body blackart the 4th action: Thin ham

Action time: Inside 1 hour after escape meal

1. upper part of the body is erect below half body crouchs partly, shake ham.

2. both hands 4 point to stretch slightly, the office of tiger's mouth-jaws of death that opens in thumb is massaged.

3. is in ham rear, the intermediate position that is apart from hip and knee " abundant door acupuncture point " and of knee rear " appoint in acupuncture point " undertake pointing to pressing, every time 3-5 second.

Thin body blackart the 5th action: Oil of essence of life is massaged

Combine the massage technology with lymphatic poisonous platoon, can promote the body effectively to discharge poisonous function, help combustion is adipose, make skin becomes softness, smooth.

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