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Help sb to deal with an emergency! The beautiful leg that acts greatly into wint
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Temporarily get dizzy with success loosened pants head line of defence, weight rises successively, now namely each square wet female Qi Qi joins the call " body of the fine that enter a winter acts greatly " , swear to be in today Qiu Dong maintains fine thin posture, transfer smoothly 08 Chu Xia!

Major teaching! Fine body thin body is held

The fine system product besides external use is auxiliary, motion just is the optimal method that reduce weight, a few movements, pose burns effectively redundant and adipose, reduce weight, make body line more strong. Do the thin body that designs for everybody by Ami of California Fitness private coach below quickly to hold accordingly!

Beautification crus line!

Effect: This movement can move flesh of the side after crus group, line of beautification leg ministry. Frequency: Do 45 times every time.

1: Both hands akimbo, double shoulder should note a balance, hold out a waist to stand.

2: Deep breathing, calcaneal rises to leave the ground slightly, fall with tiptoe press the whole body that prop up, last 2 seconds.

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