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OL makes perfect body model it is a dream no longer
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The OL of sedentary office always complains he moves without time, time grew, not only the skin becomes easily poor, lack moves more make the very easy accumulation such as coxal, abdomen, ham, arm adipose. "There is ugly woman on the world, have lazy woman only " , the method reducing weight that needs to undertake in the light of the daily life condition of OL only suits the choice that each office white-collar reduces weight more. Simple motion cooperates the main recipe that balanced diet is white-collar thin body, make you light loosen easily to reduce weight simply thin body.

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Bring up beautiful buttock easily

1, next Fu lie, the head is put easily on double arm of across.

2, inspiratory, carry at the same time the face has right leg, in top part time-out counts a second, next delay of expiratory Bian Huan drops the limit.

3, carry next pressing need to notice sufficient needle when the leg, and hip cannot leave the ground. As far as possible leg unbend, drive up, you can feel hip is being tightened up.

4, repeat afore-mentioned acts 20 times, change a leg next. Daily undertake.

Eliminate " suffer from alvinely "

The first pace, sit on the chair, two legs slowly upgrade carries.  

The 2nd pace, put down gently of two handle gently is in alvine on, slowly expiratory, expiratory while tighten up gradually alvine.   

The 3rd pace, expiratory accelerate slowly, alvine receive closer more, shoulder keeps relaxed.  

The 4th pace, alvine when already getting the fastest rate, gas also is spat at the same time.  

The 5th pace, shoulder and alvine after be being loosened, begin slowly inspiratory.  

The 6th pace, as far as possible inspiratory, right now alvine need not contract painstakingly, turn and change the way that controls downward into abdomen.   

This kind of gymnastic and main purpose is to eliminate flesh of alvine go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, be being made 3 times two only do not look to give any effects, every sky that must perserve at least is done 3 times two each afternoon, do at least every time 8 pat, continuously after 3 months, you can see the effect comes certainly, not only the figure that can keep beautiful beauty, and also can Shu Jie's intense pressure going to work!

Additional, everything pursuit is perfect you, the product that a few beautiful system had better use after washing bath in the late evening (body of fine body model kind) on Tu Yushen, do a little while in abdomen massage, eliminate not only redundant and adipose, also be helpful for Morpheus.
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