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Guangzhou breast surgery experts: advantages of breast augmentation with autol
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The current method of autologous breast there are many types of breast augmentation with autologous fat widely welcomed by a female friend. Breast augmentation by autologous fat reason so many women welcome the beauty of it is has its own advantages, unmatched by other breast augmentation methods. That advantage of breast augmentation with autologous fat, what does? First, transplantation of fat from the process used by patients who themselves, and therefore avoid the implants produced by the body for the non-rejection and psychological adaptation. Secondly, to do breast augmentation with autologous tissue material, so the material is non-toxic harmless to human body, the body itself does not own fat tissue into the immune response, rejection. Will not cause the body's endocrine changes in the environment, the breast itself is not harmful, for future fertility, lactation, no adverse effects. Furthermore, fat transplantation for breast, feel soft, form the real, delicate skin, from the woman and her partner's psychological feelings, the increase of fat grafts with their own true feelings and better breasts, for the United States and their more acceptable partner. In addition, breast augmentation with autologous fat fat extraction method is less invasive, fewer complications, wet vacuum liposuction, which is different from the traditional removal of adipose tissue or muscle bulk method can avoid surgery scar; and traditional methods for the area may cause significant defect and leave scars. Breast augmentation with autologous fat What are the advantages? Prosthesis relative to the common breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation surgery with autologous fat in their own fat to breast augmentation, breast implants do not cause as bad touch and have capsular contracture and other problems; In addition, safe and effective method is in the process of breast augmentation by adipose tissue by the surgeon present in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., access is easy, while to the local weight-loss results.