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Breast implant shape charming temperament
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Shanghai breast implant how much money? Shanghai Naval Hospital, cosmetic plastic surgery experts, Shanghai prosthesis depends on how much breast augmentation surgery using implants. The most secure and most popular way is to implant breast augmentation surgery breast augmentation surgery, choose the ideal technology to create their own attractive qualities. Breast augmentation implant breast augmentation is the most secure way, it can quickly improve the body with full body, many women are eager for this project, we are most concerned about is nothing more than how much Shanghai prosthetic breast augmentation. Shanghai breast implant how much money? Shanghai prosthetic breast augmentation prices in 5000-38000 per month, a friend will ask, how much breast implants why such a big difference in it, also made prosthesis with 5000-8000 almost down, mainly made of silica gel, while the imported material or how much money a joint venture of breast augmentation is for the 8000-38000 range, and with the surgical hospital, surgical implants, the surgeon has a direct relationship. Imports, the domestic prosthesis in fact, the materials used are the same, the best biological level, followed by medical grade, once again is for industrial use and so on. Life can not be placed prosthesis, 10-second operation after 20 years still prosthesis replacement. Suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, blood disease and other diseases easily lead into bleeding, and family history of breast cancer have the female body breast augmentation surgery is not recommended fraud. Prosthesis used in breast augmentation surgery is the anesthesia, cut into three, axillary incision, the areola incision is commonly used incision, after incision scar under the breast folds obviously, it is not commonly used. Prosthesis implant position has two parts, the breast tissue or pectoralis major muscle after post-compartment, no effect in this manner for the feeding, breast shaping good results. And if the use of endoscopic surgical techniques, all solutions of a large area less surgical trauma. The process of breast implant surgery so, preoperative examination, the surgery, postoperative observation, this process takes about 1 week. Recommend that patients at home after at least 10 days.