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Autologous fat augmentation: breast weight loss double harvest
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In daily life, many beauty-conscious women want to lose weight, you can also worried that will be followed by the chest down, it is a bit more harm than good. Many women do this very distressed. Is there a double benefit breast weight loss methods? Yes, Ya Liang orthopedic specialists who recommended to the general beauty breast augmentation with autologous fat, it can make you lose weight breast double harvest. Autologous fat augmentation: breast weight loss double harvest Ya Liang experts, autologous fat transplant breast surgery, is to own parts of the body after the excess fat sucked out and injected into the breast increase breast size at the bottom of a surgery. Autologous fat transplantation breast with no incision, less pain, long-term stability, no foreign body fear and feel the same as their own development, not human traces left behind, which can improve the body contours and so on. Breast augmentation with autologous fat has three advantages: First, it need not be stripped of the chest, low invasive, patients without trace, only the eye of a needle wound size, breast enhancement does not affect the breast, breast-feeding. Second, autologous fat transplant breast, often in local fat accumulation in the area (abdomen, buttocks, etc.) extracted fat, and that these areas are often also affect the shape of the curve sensitive area, therefore, autologous fat transplantation in the breast at the same time, you can achieve weight loss the effect of body sculpting, breast thin double benefit. Finally, the use of autologous tissue graft material, far superior to any of the biological characteristics of implant materials. Because it is part of autologous tissue, there is no rejection of the obstacles, no allergies, and usually also reduce the fear of extreme complication. Finally, experts say Ya Liang, fat particles derived easily transplanted, tissue source of rich, localized fat deposits from the site of minimally invasive aspiration, through the fine filter, select high-quality live fat, simple, safe, reliable, easy to survive. To sum up, for a local fat accumulation for the United States, shall be the preferred autologous fat transplant breast augmentation, only to lose weight, and breast, serve two purposes, a double harvest. Limit the pursuit of beauty, showing beautiful life, beautiful dream Ya Liang opened the door for you! Safety of high-quality medical services professional, comfortable and elegant medical environment so that each case surgery, a beautiful wish of each can be the perfect realization of the pretty Ya!