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Breast augmentation surgery done for ages
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What woman does not want to have a fullness in the chest upright so that their broader social, but some friends of congenital chest flat, then the method of breast augmentation body now, what does? Autologous fat injection breast augmentation is a commonly used method of very up to the chest, this method is not used and fewer people fat, sagging breasts after childbirth, breast-feeding after breast atrophy, congenital dysplasia embolism characteristics of breast Do not apply this method. The prosthesis for a wide range of people, and since the body requires a little on the physical characteristics, requires a certain amount of fat, from the clinical point of view, these two methods have advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation body. Now plastic surgery is breast augmentation prosthesis commonly used way of organization, which has a safe, reliable, simple and convenient, the effect is obvious, does not affect fertility, in general, in vivo implants should be replaced after 1-15 years of false Body, but also after surgery to prevent capsular contracture massage from March to June. Breast implant surgery is now very mature, plastic body in general can carry out this project, is a relatively simple surgery. But it is technology and application Demanding on patients, doctors must be experienced to complete, and the figure who is not too slim for this method. Is not the best suited to their best. During breast implant surgery, the choice of incision is very important, usually under the breast fold is the skin folds under the breast to make a skin incision, deep down into the deep surface of pectoralis major, the breast prosthesis into the chest The appropriate place under the large muscles, and then sutured the muscle fascia and skin. Axillary breast augmentation surgery within the prosthesis is the choice of incision, so the incision deep into the pectoralis major inward, the inward under the bottom of the pectoralis major muscle to ensure that adequate separation of stealth, the formation of appropriate space, and then the Ministry of breast implants through the axillary skin Under the skin incision to the pectoralis major gap. New Moon on the breast and then shaped. Such as breast appearance satisfaction, you can sutured. In between the areola and the surrounding normal skin incision for breast augmentation incision is the choice of body, then down for separation. First find the lower edge of pectoralis major muscle into the deep surface of pectoralis major, and then upward to separate, free from the The deep surface of pectoralis major gap, the breast implant into the space, the last suture the skin incision to complete the surgery. Different requirements for each person, the ideal of hope chest to breast augmentation using different methods, so that your chest is more upright.