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Trendy law of be good at bosom makes bosom more beautiful
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Chewing gum of 1 beautiful bosom

Take exercise too painstaking, grand bosom operation has a risk again. Nowadays, company of a Japan offerred simpler, more convenient alternative to love beautiful lady- - beautiful bosom chewing gum. The function of this kind of chewing gum is more than be confined to is strong and handsomeBosom, if be chewed everyday 3 arrive 4 times, still can delay anile, improvement loop, alleviate pressure. Of course, the beautiful bosom chewing gum of rose taste also has the function of common chewing gum at the same time, pure and fresh mouth is angry, protect a tooth.

Beautiful bosom chewing gum has so magical effect, mystery depends on can slow release nutrient fill-in to pledge, contain part of active wild the root of kudzu vine among them, this is a kind of breast enhancement herb that confirms through science. Beautiful bosom chewing gum caused not minor sensation on the healthy exposition of Tokyo. On this exposition, still have the healthy product of a lot of all kinds of strange things. Taste for example a little eccentric Bolivia calabash elite, the person that can let use allegedly has the beautiful hair that rivals advertisement model.

Tender blush of 2 recovery pink

More and more grown women hope to obtain the powdery tender blush like the girl, can carry laser commonly or blanch an operation to obtain better result.

The advantage of laser is the effect fast, defect is cut recovers from an illness time long, expenditure is taller, its charge depends on lacteal dizzy size, need 8000-10000 to differ about, convalescence is in about 10-12 day, wait scabby after dropping, be like,can become the pink like young girlGules breast is dizzy, pledge as individual body nevertheless, about 3~6 the month can restore originally color.

And blanch use the means that prick blueness, prick lacteal dizzy part into pink, although the effect is long not fade, gules nevertheless department pricks blueness hard purify, it is very difficult that once want purify pink,the tit is met. The product that contains acid of C of ursine fruit element, Zun Xuan, A is used to come after the operation daub breast dizzy place, have alimentary effect, can defer breast dizzy blackening time.

3 shrink bosom- - small bosom popular?

American has made special investigation, although like big tit,discover most male sex female, think they give a person the impression that a kind of bosom does not have a head greatly again however. Another considers to show, female sex appeal spends big tit poorer, because mammary nerve is fixed, small breast contained the nerve number with big breast, its are immanent and accordingly sexy degree taller. And, small bosom appears refined, can hold long fascination.
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