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The dispel fleck small folk prescription that goes easily the simpliest
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The editor recommends the convenient and simple dispel fleck method in the life:

1, Western medicine: Vitamin C 0. 2g or vitamin E 50mg, guang ammonia acerbity 50mg, day 3. Insist to take can make rash pigment becomes weak, can defer cutaneous consenescence.

2, agent of tuckahoe apply face grinds white tuckahoe delicate last stage, with honey tone creams shape, every night face of apply of in order to, morning removes scour off, fleck can go after half moon.

3, caraway soup uses caraway decoct boiling water, daily wash a face, with the passing of time is significant, effect goes shading, eliminate fleck.

4, Xian Huluo Bo Bisui squeezes juice, take 10-30 milliliter, daily time washs the daub after the face, wait for after working, abluent. In addition, daily drink a cup of carrot juice, but beautiful white skin.

5, juice of lemon juice agitate, add syrup right amount and drinkable. Many vitamin C, calcic, phosphor, iron is contained to wait in lemon. Constant drink lemon juice not only but beautiful white skin, still can make melanin precipitates, achieve the effect of dispel spot.

6, red persimmon juice: Daily drink 1 cup of tomato juice or often have tomato, have better effect to fleck of prevention and cure. Because rich vitamin C is contained in tomato, be known as " the storehouse of vitamin C " . Vitamin C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin white thereby tender, shading subsidise.

7, when washing a face, vinegar is fed in what 1-2 spoon adds in water, dispel the wind is chased phlegmy, medicinal powder Yu is alexipharmic, eliminate fleck. General the fleck after January is reduced.

8, eat C of a vitamin and vitamin E everyday, can achieve the effect of dispel spot.

9, the face of aubergine skin apply that uses clean, after period of time, blob is so not apparent.

10, motherwort fluid makes use: Add motherwort 50g water right amount boil bottle of lay aside extraction juice to reserve, take juice 20ml to wash a face every night. Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood, eliminate fleck.

11, angelica piece. Every contain crude drug 0. 3g, the adult is daily 2 ~ 3, every time 5, below warm boiled water. Raise moisten the respiratory tract of hematic dispel the wind. Apply to evil of wind of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it to enter subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy,

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