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Winter protects close bursa excellent plan of the lip
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In Qiu Dong, labial ministry is dry it is particularly easy to appear, drink water ceaselessly then, ceaselessly daub lipstick, in but the result is far,imagining perfect, labial grain feels increasing, labial week also is in flabby, whole lip ministry is dim lacklustre.

Actually the skin on the lip has body cutaneous 1/3 only thick, and itself does not have sweat gland and sebaceous glands, the speed that moisture evaporates is compared somewhere else the skin is 6 times faster, be opposite so dry air especially sensitive. Think those who maintain a lip is plump and smooth-skinned and full, simple filling water is brushed protect a lipstick insufficient of course, and see a few small scheme that the author gives, may let your vexed be readily solved.

Scheme one: Grain of massage precaution lip

The lip does the biggest trouble that is labial ministry, and beyond the mark and dry direct sequela is to generate small microgroove, be about to use here massage will promote haemal circulation, achieve moist result.

Handle transverse furrow: After clean both hands and labial ministry, layer of the Tu Yi on preexistence lip is thin thin olive oil.

Hold labrum with thumb and forefinger next. Forefinger is not moved, thumb draws a circle to knead gently to the center from corners of the mouth by, return mouth edge gradually next, every do 6 to be a group back and forth, do 6 groups every time. Next, hold labium with forefinger and big toe, thumb is not moved, move forefinger gently to massage labium, thresh 6 groups, can decrease or prevent the transverse furrow on the lip.

Handle fore-and-aft furrow: Can use two tactics middle finger from labial center place to jog of two side corners of the mouth, let a lip have the feeling that is spun. First labrum, hind labium, it is a group with 6 likewise, do 6 groups every time. Massage graze of the towel that use paper to drop olive oil, next again lipstick of embellish of put on the skin.

Scheme 2: Labial ministry nurses autarky

1, film of self-restrained and simple lip: Go up in double lip smear is generous protect a lipstick, next gentleness is massaged, let moist composition permeate enter; Reoccupy lasts lip of velar lid Pull in your ears! , tepid towel apply above, be like apply face film, maintain quickly the effect; After about 3 minutes, if have desquamate, take pily club light instigate desquamate, perplex with respect to desquamate of very can relaxed processing so, still have moist maintain, the effect of desalt lip grain; Final area paper is pressed gently, wipe protects a lipstick too much, catch daub to protect a lipstick again.
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