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Office OL: Such sitting the breast is certain and flagging
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Dike below these most the sitting position that lets a breast suffer harm

When case of female bend over works or learning, be like oversight mammary health care, may appear the breast bilges frowzily smartly, pectoral back organization is acerb wait for a symptom. These disease with each passing day grow in quantity, special to the harm of double breast health big, the female that is in office work condition for a long time wants what notice a breast more to maintain problem.

Wrong pose: The person is inclined lean or bend over on the desk, make double breast lies on the fulcrum of extruding, if suffer the good thing such as desk edge to oppress nearly 1.5 hours, can disturb the normal metabolization of mammary gland interior, cause undesirable consequence.

Correct pose: The upper part of the body is basic and erect, the bosom leaves desk 10 centimeters, make tension of pectoral back flesh balanced, such can exciting cerebra are slight and program ground is excited, to removing bosom is fatigue, raise volt proposal work efficiency, the physiology active that protects a breast has profit quite.

Proper activity: Mobile upper limbs makes spread of a few such as appropriately bosom, deep breathing and refuse, turn the motion such as wrist. But loose passages through which vital energy circulates, drive gas blood, pull effectively pull a breast to reach all round skin enlists campaign, can prevent bosom to organize especially of double breast " ageing " .

Massage breast: Do breast of ten minutes to massage, sarcous of can promotional bosom coordinates an activity, make blood-vessel outspread, reduce the Yu sluggish of blood stream, accelerate the circumfluence of vein blood.

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