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The doohickey that Chu Qiurang skin becomes tender
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The doohickey that Chu Qiurang skin becomes tender

When 1. should sleep, take small cucumber to cut thin, place a face to had gone up a few minutes to be taken, face of a moon is met white tender.

Segregation frost must be brushed to reach before 2. goes out prevent bask in breast, return the home to remember the discharge on the horse makeup.

3. gets up everyday drink 2 cups of water, among them one cup adds some of salt, can clear intestines and stomach.

The cheapest makeup is used before 4. sleeps cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear!

5. washs a face to be able to let skin with cold water of warm water reoccupy first already clean and wool stoma is met decrescent.

6. must drink water not to stay up late more, eat deepfry less kind thing, maintain skin cleanness.

After 7. washs a face every night, recuperate is happy much (milk products of a kind of lactic acid) making up on cotton, direct apply is in two buccal, connect forehead, the lower jaw even also but incidentally on apply, not only go spot holds the United States concurrently white, because of every time dosage has 1/6 bottles only about raise happy much.

8. drinks water less in the evening, drink water more by day, film of bright side of water of the apply before sleeping; Eat a fruit more, do not drink not to smoke not to stay up late, assure Shui Liang.

9. cold tea includes apply key point: Include apply key point 5 minutes with cold tea above all, make the motion of a similar yoga then, this movement is first cross one's legs, raise the hand again tall hind bend over forth below, maintain this pose about ten minutes. This movement accomplishs ten minutes not easily at the beginning, want the practice of period of time, but the effect is very good really.

The pure water that 10. city makes work a bottle (600cc) , want a week to use pure bath face only 3 ~ 4, and often with making up continous touchs face of pure water apply, facial face floats naturally float!

11. covers according to medicine, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, outside the UVA that knows besides average person place and UVB, still have so called UVC, have the time that sunshine appears usually, UVC and UVB are easy cause bask in, but can not think the cloudy day does not need to prevent basked in, because there still is ray of UVA long wave to be able to be opposite when the cloudy day,skin causes harm, because this still had better maintain an umbrella, ability prevents the in advance of ageing to happen!
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