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How should fruit vinegar drink ability more hairdressing
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Easy cold morning rises drink " vinegar "

Fruit vinegar can enhance airframe immunity power. Rich vitamin and amino acid are contained in fruit vinegar, can synthesize acetic acid calcium character with calcium inside body, enhance the absorption with qualitative calcium, make the body more strong rise. Rich vitamin C still is contained in fruit vinegar, vitamin C is a kind of powerful antioxidant, can prevent cellular canceration and cellular consenescence, increase the strength of the body. Acetic acid has the effect of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, can prevent a cold. To the person of easy cold, a bottle of fruit vinegar can be drunk before going out after breakfast, resist the chill on morning road going to work, be in especially in the winter, can heat fruit vinegar will drink, do not have what stimulation to the stomach so, the result of disappear poison bacterium that also yields vinegar is betterer.

Drink fruit vinegar to divide exhaustion afternoon

To office worker, fruit vinegar is the optimal drink that can eliminate exhaustion. Generally speaking, a variety of amino acid that the organic acid that 10 kinds of above contain in fruit vinegar and human body place need. Acetic sort is different, the content of organic acid also each are not identical. They make metabolization having oxygen smooth, be helpful for the lactic acid of cleared deposit, rise to remove fatigue effect.

The course works for long and after violent campaign, the meeting inside human body produces a large number of lactic acid, the person can feel special exhaustion, if drinking vinegar of fruit of on one pyxis right now, can promote metabolization function to restore, eliminate exhaustion thereby. The time that influenced at 3 o'clock afternoon normally, it is a period of time of the easiest exhaustion in a day, drinking vinegar of 250 milliliter fruit right now, have effect of first-rate recover from fatigue.

Night drinks fruit vinegar hairdressing

Night when often be grease secretes the most exuberant hour, cross the exudation of oxidation fat especially, in night especially grow in quantity, this also is the main factor that brings about skin cell consenescence. In addition, in evening when most condition issues cutaneous PH to be worth unbalance, blood circulates not free, often the skin stretchs tight closely dry perhaps circumstance.

Face in the evening vinegar of a few fruit is drunk to be able to alleviate before sleeping this kind of circumstance. The organic acid that contains in fruit vinegar, glycerine and aldehyde kind material can balance cutaneous PH to be worth, control grease is secreted, dilate is hemal, accelerate skin blood circulation, be beneficial to cleared deposit, make skin smooth. Rich amino acid is contained in fruit vinegar, can promote style inside adipose decompose, still can have the effect that reduce weight.

Notable is, sex of fruit acetic acid is bigger, corrode a tooth easily, after be being drunk so must brush his teeth in time.
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