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Elegant overflow accompanies me to had taken Chun Xiaqiu winter
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Elegant overflow accompanies me to had taken Chun Xiaqiu winter [elegant overflow amounts to a person]
One, the introduction that amount to a person
Ripe age woman, mixture sex is sensitive skin is qualitative, inhabit beautiful astral city, be engaged in at teaching line of business, the time that uses elegant overflow near one year.
2, the concept that protect skin
Safety first, advocate simple, pursuit brand, whole set is used.
3, choose ground
Elegant overflow regards the height of medical makeup as security, elegant overflow serves as the fountainhead of sensitive skin, elegant overflow falls in love with France to fall in love with elegant overflow as the country of romance of the brand that protect skin, the fokelore of a horse of elegant overflow vivid spring makes me magical, elegant overflow product can brush cure to keep calorie of consumption.
4, elegant overflow is known first
The spring 2007, this woman skin experience is unprecedented " sensitive " , because of the commendation of a good friend, knew elegant overflow. From now on, of hopeless fell in love with elegant overflow. Began the brigade of the lot of one Duan Yuya overflow.
5, store up goods is revealed

6, product result
1, water of elegant overflow remove stage makeup and costume: Very gentle, eye lip can be used, use discharge to prevent bask in and powdery effect has exceeded, after using incompact stretch tight very comfortable. The price of high capacity sex of 400ML is compared very tall. I use cotton of two Zhang Hua makeup to be able to be done every time calm. Besides it may not be a bad idea of effect of cleanness of remove stage makeup and costume, used the cleanness of effect of half of the grandma that wash a face at the back of it first half effect can become massage function. Classics of a left bottle of my oneself used 3 months, one bottle of right is christmas store up goods.

2, repair breast of the face that protect clean: This is one avoids washed clean face. But I still resemble common damp hand wet face uses like the grandma that wash a face. Be in nevertheless sensitive period MM or the usage that suggest to go up according to the specification are safer. As a result of before I used water of remove stage makeup and costume, reoccupy repairs clean, the key is in T area, two buccal be taken and pass, massage whole face gently, the feeling is one kind is enjoyed. I such dosage are used than doing a hand to do a face a lot of more economic, the first bottle I used 6 months, this is the 2nd bottle. Like very much, very gentle, without bubble, but wash neatly however, it is good that skin of the skin after be being washed exceeds class feel, very comfortable slippery slippery but either the sort of sticking the stuck feeling that did not wash clean. I like to have foamy clean side previously, always think bubble just is washed neatly. Since used Xiu Jie, fell in love with wash grandma without foamy.

3, elegant overflow vivid spring: This is sensitive cutaneous necessary. Slow, filling water, 2 cleanness. Shi Fu's effect can be the assist that comparative then, it is special cost water only. Special Shi Fu of 300ML of a big spurt can be used 10 times at most. My skin skin is sensitive period once a month used 2 bottles big adscititious one pyxis. The skin stabilized a feeling now this sparge is chicken ribs, now and then gush, basically use in fill makeup and oneself, so I did not defeat big spurt again later, anyway every time small spurt sends used at ordinary times quite.
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