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Breast augmentation complications affect the health and beauty to create the
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Saying that breast implants, plastic surgery is the most popular women, but how to do if you failed, then fix it On the injection breast augmentation: Injection of relatively high complication of breast augmentation surgery, some patients have also had to move to other parts of the fluid situation. And out of this material into easy to hard, can not be completely removed, and some may lifelong involvement. Note Radio breast augmentation on the operator's requirements are very stringent, requiring injection of material can only make the space, in the breast, if the injection is not accurate, easy bleeding, induration, infection, pain, breast movement and other conditions, part of the gel will penetrate chest Muscle and axillary, to stimulate blood vessels and nerves. Even more alarming is the injection of the toxicity or carcinogenicity may have. Breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation on: Autologous fat breast augmentation biggest drawback is absorption rate, about 30% -60%, some even as high as 70% -80%. But also in multiple injections, if an injection is too big, certainly a considerable number of fat necrosis. These Adipose tissue of death should not be harmful, easy to form cysts. Touching the breast there are induration. In addition, the necrosis of fat and tissue retention in the breasts, it is easy to be stricken bacterial infection, causing acute inflammation , Resulting in breast red, swollen, hot, pain. Morning breast abscess may be worn skin, pus out. About breast prosthesis implantation: Breast phantom according to the different fillings, silicone gel breast implants were divided into saline breast implant and breast implants. Because salt water is easy artificial breast leakage, the effect of breast augmentation is difficult to maintain, large hospitals are now Is widely used in breast augmentation silicone gel breast implants. However, sometimes silicone prosthesis implant capsular contracture occurs, can cause discomfort and severe morphological changes of the breast. At this point, you may need surgery again to remove scar tissue, but also Promised to remove or replace the prosthesis. Breast reconstructive surgery after the failure of Note Had capsular contracture, should not be too alarmed, full out of the box. Or the envelope open, replace the prosthesis re-implantation, and secondary implantation trauma, inflammation of the minor, it is difficult to thickening of the cyst contracture. And secondary Surgery because the pectoralis major muscle and skin have been expanded, so the pain greatly reduced. Disease complications may arise mainly from the physical and chemical nature of the prosthesis, and all types of prosthesis implantation is one of the shortcomings of one or both sides of the prosthesis occurred Modification to avoid the way is to choose the right prosthesis or a little smaller, and separate the appropriate cavities to accommodate the prosthesis and pay attention to the postoperative pressure bandage fixed.
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