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Cancer food
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Cancer food Gastric tumour

(1) dietary principle

Consolidate curative effect, precaution has a relapse:

A. Appropriate eats much food less, time and mensurable, want to assure enough nutrition already, do not increase gastric bowel burden again.

B. Food appropriate diversification, avoid partiality for a particular kind of food. Food with fine, soft, digest easily give priority to, in order to protect enteron mucous membrane.

C. Cook method should in order to stew, evaporate, boil, burn, braise is given priority to, use abide of decoct, blast, edge less as far as possible, bloat dried meat, unripe mix wait for a method.

D. Appropriate uses general to feed respectively by the illness, pappy, fluidity eat kind, avoid by all means is maintained forcedly, good stuff.

E. Forbidden smoke, wine, little edible bloats dish, salty fish and other salty provision.

Card carries out argue:

A. Disgusting, vomiting chooses dish of pomelo, orange, loquat, Su Mi, Hu Tao, rose, Yang Tao, fig, lotus root, Wu Mei, Gan Dong, mango, lotus seed.

B. Haemorrhage is black choose wing of fish glue of mussel, rubber fish, sea fish, yellow croaker, shark, Ma Lan blood of bacterium of head, day lily, hedgehog hydnum, honey, shepherd's purse, banana, olive, Wu Mei, Shi Er, sheep, horsebean.

C. Gastralgia chooses perch of golden mandarin orange, flying fish, loose river, cabbage, flatfish, holothurian, cuttlefish, Huang Ya dish, taro is beautiful.

D. Diarrhoea chooses sea moth, shark, for many times starfish, hyacinth bean, safflower, birchleaf pear, Yang Mei, Yu Naigeng, chestnut, stone

Pomegranate, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, black carp.

Change cure period appropriate multi-purpose food: Congee of blood of yangtao oar, asparagus, longan, walnut, crucian carp fish, shrimp, crab, goat, goose blood, jellyfish, Xianggu mushroom, black agaric, quail, rice benevolence, grass carp, loach, gram, day lily, apple, shark, towel gourd, calabash.

Prevent the complication after art:

A. Dump syndrome: The patient appears on the abdomen is bouffant, close bundle, burn feeling, vomiting, or companion has the heart-throb after spending diarrhoea, meal gently, perspire, face tide is red, swimmy, its reason food has been passed fast, jejunum quickness is outspread, blood sugar wave motion. Should a few much food, avoid food of high in syrup, after feeding, make the same score lie rest. Pancreas of flesh of appropriate edible walnut, Wu Mei, holothurian, pea, yam, dawdle, spinach, cowpea, pig.

B. Alvine function is disorder: The abdomen cries increase of number of diarrhoea, defecate, light person everyday 2~3 second, the person that weigh can be amounted to tens of second, have diarrhoea is much person weight drops quickly, companion is anaemic, appropriate eats plant fiber and fat food less, by diarrhoea semiotic choosing is fed, especially multi-purpose yam, tuckahoe, ginger, pomegranate.
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