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Mammary gland tumour
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(1)Dietary principle

Those who fight cancerous action is first selection food. Be like flesh of sea horse, sea otter, cobra flesh, yam, toad, sea wormwood of crab, clam, ostracean, agar, sea, asparagus, kelp.

Card carries out argue:

A. Ovarian function is maladjusted: But toad of chicken of bone of edible sea horse, holothurian, razor clam, black, royal jelly, clam person;

B. Enhance immune function, fight recrudesce: Burdock dish, Sang Zi, yangtao, asparagus, pumpkin, Xia Pi, crab, black carp, big jujube, onion, leek, garlic, prawn, Job's tears, bean, yam, snake, Xianggu mushroom, sweet gill fungus;

C. Fight infection, fight ulcer: Green of earthworm of crucian carp fish, shark, saury, hairtail, Haman, sea, aubergine, day lily, ginkgo, grape, Ma Lan head, cole, countryside;

D. Disappear oedema: Fish of Mi Ren, towel gourd, red bean, crucian carp, kelp, loach, taro, grape, river snail, Hua Gong, litchi, water chest nut;

E. Acetanilide, prevent a tit to answer shrink: Can use shrimp of sweet, big mole cricket, sea otter, coco, pomelo, orange to wait

No-no: Prohibit using smoke, wine, acrimony provision, abstemious and adipose reach pigment absorb.

(2)Dietotherapy proved recipe

Fight cancer, fight tumor:

A. Dragon phoenix a thick soup: Silk of cobra flesh, chicken, columbine egg does meat and fish dishes to feed.

B. The toad boils the flesh: Toad 2, abluent flay, thin pork, chopped green onion is boiled together.

C. Asparagus dish: Asparagus 60~120 is overcome, boil feed.

Mediate ovarian function:

A. Toad tremella a thick soup: Clam person toad 3 grams, tremella 5 grams, a thick soup that boil is fed.

B. Holothurian columbine egg: Egg of holothurian, quail is right amount, desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola piece 5 grams, xianggu mushroom 5 grams, add spice to cook.

C. Water boils razor clam: Razor clam is abluent, go mud, add water to thoroughly cook, take meat and fish dishes to feed.

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