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Aloe therapeutics
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One, what is Lu Hui?

Aloe regards lily as a familial, it is a kind of common indoor and potted plant. In about 200 kinds Lu Hui, scotland aloe is most famous.

Scotland aloe feels like cactus, but its leaf is soft. The liquid like sap or gel are contained in leaf, these liquids are used hundreds of years alleviate problem of a few skins, like burn (include to be basked in) or little scar. Scotland aloe is a kind of a lot of composition that are not prescription product now, these products include to protect skin frost, cosmetic, prevent bask in fluid, burn to cream cream with scar reach nutrient fluid. From 19 centuries since 30 time, hospital and clinic use Lu Hui at cure to put the skin that cure causes to react.

Management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) approve aloe but safety uses as medicine of laxation of to be taken orally. Now, a few additional practitioner of kind of healthy health care the utility Lu Hui is patulous, use at treating a lot of disease, include gastrorrhagia, kidney stone, cough, ulcer, diabetic, have a headache, arthritis is waited a moment.

Aloe is a very good example: A kind very good the treatment that also can be developed to be used at big question to be like cancer by people with the product that handles at indisposition.

Latter, a few additional the proponent of kind of cure alleges Lu Hui can increase immune capacity, aloe is OK and direct action at unusual cell, prevent thereby or treat cancer. This offers to be based on the result that the animal studies: Aloe makes shrinkage of certain skin cancer. However, these consider to also point out, below regular dose or one shape form, aloe can bring about experimental animal die.

The university undertook Kesasi is right Lu Hui's research (by a Lu Hui company Carrington lab is sponsorred) . The clinical evidence that still does not have human body at present supports Scotland aloe to be able to be used at cancer to treat. Certain death is caused by the Scotland aloe injection that is used at treating cancer.

2, does Lu Hui have why action?

Scotland aloe gel is Xie Zhong of aloe of a kind of consist in weak, transparent, the matter that seems jelly. Gel contains a few kinds of chemical part, include lubricant cutaneous among them carbolic water polymer.

Additionally one kind of material that collects from inside this kind of plant is the aloe juice that extracts from inside the cell that stands by leaf skin. This kind of juice shows yellow, contain acrid, dry hind form hard dry grain. Aloe juice or grain contain the chemical material that is called Anthranoids, be like aloin A and aloin B, these chemical material make Lu Hui has the character of laxation. A few evidence make clear, excessive used Anthranoids laxation medicine to increase to have the possibility of colonic cancer or rectum cancer significantly.

Aloe also is contained call manna to get together the material of candy (include the monose that calls manna candy) , for example Glucomannan and Acemannan. The proponent believes, these manna get together candy can be used at the calls fiber former cell special cell that repair destroys an organization in activation human body. It still contains two kinds of plant hormone that can quicken plant cell to duplicate: Produce element and gibberellin. However, these plant hormone are effective to animal cell or human body cell, still do not have scientific evidence. According to saying, the compound of other can stimulate immune system.
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