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Beautiful scientist considers to discover: Strengthen take exercise can prevent
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American scientist considers to discover through recently, the female after menopause, take exercise through strengthening the body, can
Reduce the estrogen content inside body greatly, reduced the risk that contracts breast cancer thereby.

Researcher expresses, already a few study the result thinks in the past, the female after menopause is strengthened it is OK to exercise
Reduce the risk that contracts breast cancer. But, the research in the past was not found out why the body takes exercise can decrease have breed
The reason of gland cancer risk. And the starting point that they study this depends on finding out the body to take exercise with decrease suffer from breast cancer to high
The relation between danger.

Researcher likes to often sitting to 173, the female after weight exceeds mark or the menopause that already amounted to fat class undertook is
Period observation research of a year. They let the body of the among them a few intensity in sufferring the person that try to insist to undertake take exercise. All
Suffer the person that try to all had not accepted hormone to treat. Study the result shows, become through the in getting blood of the person that try estrogen that take exercise
Cent, be like estrone, female 2 alcohol and dissociate are female the level of 2 alcohol appeared substantially drop. And contrast in the group
Did not increase what the body exercises an amount to suffer the estrogen level inside body of the person that try to drop rarely.

Researcher says, increase those who exercise an amount to suffer the adipose content inside body of the person that try to also decrease greatly, inside this and body
Hormone level falls about. Their research confirmed from scientific point of view it is OK to take exercise as a result reduce have breast cancer peril
The hypothesis of danger. Study data proves, it is OK to strengthen the body to take exercise make the female after menopause reduces his inside body adipose indigestion
Tired, make the estrogen inside body finally current and more active, is not to be centered in the position that causes breast cancer easily.

Researcher expresses at the same time, their research eventuate encourages senile woman to strengthen the body to take exercise provided power
, but not be to let what they have high strength in that way like the athlete take exercise, perserve however, strengthen take exercise.

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