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Breast cancer patient can choose what qigong treatment
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Breast cancer patient can choose what qigong treatmentQigong therapeutics, treat a kind of medium method integratedly as cancer, have its original effect. It is not pure athletic sports, can make through doing breathing exercises body and mind gets modulatory, the rehabilitation of stimulative disease, raise the healthy level of airframe. Current, qigong result method is very much, specific use what result method to breast cancer patient had better, still do not have final conclusion up to now. But will look from popularized circumstance, therapeutics of Guo forest qigong, the person of study is most, many people are benefited. In addition, still can adopt law of the following result: (1) horizontal or sit type is loosened result, idea uses benign idea method, breath uses natural breath or deep breathing method; (Picket result stands by type below 2) perch 5 ~ 20 minutes; (3) travel pace practises his skill 500 meters, or master far and near according to manual circumstance; (4) too extremely qigong; (5) is massaged flap result wait one set. Anyhow, it is the sort of result method no matter, if can drill,get by superb, bouncy, the symptom alleviates, ill body recovers, succeed namely, effective. In the meantime, error also should avoid when acrobatics or infatuated, avoid excessive exhaustion, want because of the person different, due to illness and different, undertake below the guidance of qigong division as far as possible, prevent to go out slant.

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