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Adolescent breast stunt
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The development of girl bosom is begin from adolescence. Division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine shows, adolescence is the gold period with the mainest size of influence female bosom, in this paragraph during, if bosom growth is too slow, best can understand a constitution, have build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food again, just do not send the case of development of the bosom after affecting day.

Be in about during the development of female breast 9 to 14 years old, development is finished need 4 years about, but individual otherness is quite big, the person with rapid growth, arrive 2 years in 1 inside finish namely, growth is slow person, what around can amount to 10 years is long, more somebody may be finished to development of gravid the first time ability, accordingly, mammary development is undesirable should but acquired take good care of sb achieves by means of normal growth, although development age of the breast has huge otherness, but if arrived 1415 years old, breast still not germinate, may be unusual appearance, had better ask diplomate make a diagnosis and give treatment.

List below the constitution with slow growth of bosom of 4 kinds of adolescence, as reference.
1, lienal empty: Complexion decline is yellow, reach with bazoo yellow is apparent all round the lip, labial color is light, the tongue is qualitative weak fat, glossal brim has tine mark, delay of empty of arteries and veins, can incorporate leucorrhoea is overmuch, menstruation is maladjusted, lumbar acid, increase of period defecate number or sample, abdominal distension at ordinary times, have a poor appetite, spirit is listless wait.
2, kidney deficiency of yang: Body is fat and the skin is loose, complexion is white little luster, lazy at the action, easy head cold, labial color and fingernail are not ruddy, glossal fat color is light, thin be bored with of coating on the tongue and embellish, the scheduled time and quantity after menstruation is little, lubricious weak, at ordinary times thin volume of leucorrhoea Qing Dynasty is much, easy waist acid, be afraid of cold.  
3, kidney deficiency of yin with irritability: Type of build or figure is emaciated, complexion is white and dry, labial color is bright red, the centre of the palm is hot, the tongue is red, glossal system is tight thin, fine number of arteries and veins, easy amalgamative have giddy dazzled, pharynx does hectic fever, mian is poor, menstrual in advance is measured little or in advance capacity is much.
4, liver gloomy: Exterior is much more angular, complexion is yellow and black energy of life is faint, disposition is dissocial, small dew of the blue veins between bazoo, be about to heave a sigh when, accept is poor, coerce is abdominal distension painful, owe free via going, the breast before classics bilges, dysmenorrhoea, classics look is dark, the person that be like liver gloomy and have fire, common disposition urgent dry.
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