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Motion promotes mammary growth
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Exercise one: Qu Shen of the ancon on stool -- be aimed at humerus triceps, drive pectoralis major.

Motion can reduce lacteal cancer come on odds! Motion can prevent lacteal line to be down all the way! Motion can make a breast the 2nd times development.

What ahead awaits us is merciless earthly gravitation, there is super nutrition catalysis from the back " surfy " , beautiful catchword is very moving, beautiful action more want fast!

Q&A of athletic beautiful chest

Q: Can motion increase a bust really?

A: Yes. Our breast is comprised by adipose, mammary gland and pectoralis major. Mammary gland development depends on gene. While impossible also hope keeps slender, we increase in bosom only adipose. What only can do his best is pectoralis major, motion can add pectoralis major, help our breast the 2nd times " development " , increase a breast " gradient " ,

Make bosom more forceful

Q: Reduce weight can you make does the bust decrease smaller more?

A: Won't. The bust that after reducing weight, you may discover yourself returned case on tape measure, not afraid, return case is not a bust, however you " thick " of the back adipose. Do not believe, the professional public figure that asks bra inn helps you measure, you can discover, cover cup not only not small, pectoral line gets promotion likely still.

Q: Can motion prevent mammary prolapse?

A: Of course. And this is the way with efficient only, unless you plan will daily pose by erect instead handstand. Motion can add pectoralis major and relevant sarcous force and flexibility, form firm support to the breast, slow down breast is flagging.

Illicit teaching hints

Bosom exercise should practice a foundation in humeral arm aspirant travel. Can combine Qu Shen of the ancon on stool and spherule push-up the practice. Do 2 ~ in all 3 groups. Every groups of 10 10=20 second. Across block rests 1 minute.

Increase the exercise of the bust, the point is the weight with ample choice -- repeat some to make 5 ~ 8 times easily, the feeling reachs the limit, just be the effective weight that suits you.

TIPS: Bosom " emerge " petty action

On the bed: Lie on his back on the bed, the upper part of the body is raised, both hands undertakes alternately " thrash " .

Sit: Double arm extension forward, double elbow bends, both hands photograph is grasped and push ahead forcibly, arrive from 1 number 6 hind, loosen both hands again. Repeat 5 times.

Deep breathing: Expiratory when contain bosom of bosom, inspiratory Shi Ting, undertake 5 times alternately.
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