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Commonly used abundant breeds frost may restrain mammary growth
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Often see ad of breast of grand bosom, abundant in advertisement nowadays, there is no lack of to make spokesman draw the product of the audience with star among them, but Gong Yu of Xue of doctor of vice director of plastic surgery of the 3rd hospital expresses Beijing University, current, alleged and strong and handsome abundant breeds frost classics determines about the branch on the market, contain a name to be mostly " personal Xi female phenol " estrogen, if a large number of secrete use that what can restrain the estrogen inside oneself body, the result is outsmart oneself, restrained mammary growth instead.

Mammary size is decided by adipose quantity

"The main structure of mammary interior is in charge of mammary gland flocculus and gland bubble to be defeated by breast, and differ of the quantity adipose, fibre. " Xue Gongyu says, the girl enters adolescence from 12 years old or so, because get the stimulation of endocrine hormone, breast germinate, bubble of canal is defeated by breast, gland subsequently proliferous, 16 years old of or so development finalize the design, increase no longer commonly after 25 years old, after mammary development is mature, its size and configuration often because of the person different. Mammary size basically is decided by adipose content, bodily form thin and small person bosom is evener, and fat person bosom is plumper.

Medicaments abundant breast is just the opposite to what one wished easily

Xue Gongyu introduces, contain " personal Xi female phenol " abundant breast product, the breast after stopping drug can restore unvarnished, and the likelihood brings improvement element ad cool-headed, shading, menstruation is not moved wait for harmful response. Always the girl with normal period, estrogen is not lacked inside body, if for abundant breast person is the ground to use estrogen in great quantities, meet those who restrain the estrogen inside oneself body secrete namely, the result is outsmart oneself, restrained mammary growth instead.

Scientific breast enhancement of dietary exercise =

"Actually, besides development of a few breast undesirable or the person that contract certain disease needs to go outside hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, average woman takes an animal more at ordinary times albumen and right amount and adipose, hold to bosom to take exercise, can spur mammary growth plump. If wait for a reason because of genetic, bodily form, cannot reach ideal height, can the function of corsage of have the aid of, what can add a woman likewise is curvaceous. " Xue Gongyu says to the reporter.

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